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World Autism Awareness Day


The GLITTER8 window light show illuminates Fuji TV's headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo, for the United Nations-designated World Autism Awareness Day on Thursday night.

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Autism was extremely rare worldwide prior to the 80s.

Was autism rare, or was diagnosis rare? They aren't the same thing.

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Autism was extremely rare worldwide prior to the 80s.

At most, you can say that being diagnosed with autism was rare. Historically, we simply call autistic people dumb and sent them to the workhouse. The fact that the average IQ of a person in the 1850s (or even 1950s) was much lower than today would explain why people with autism in those days did not attract as much attention as they do today.

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Autism is not a disease, google "Specialisterne", this company employs wide range of autists as computer programmers, debuggers, and data entry workers. Apparently their debuggers are 8 times more efficient than "normal" people who are easily distracted and can't appreciate the delicate intricacies of sequence, numbers, and details.

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I am not sure how to classify autism whether as a disease or a normal minority. But I am reasonably sure that the misdiagnosis of autism is becoming a cash cow.

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Autism is a disorder from the word Autism Spectrum Disorder, I wouldn't call it disease though. It is more like a disability from my perspective.

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