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Yamanaka Castle ruins


Part of the Yamanaka Castle ruins in Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture, can be seen with Mount Fuji in the background. The castle itself was destroyed during the Siege of Odawara, so it's mostly a park and short hiking course now with no surviving original buildings. The ruins of the castle, built in the 15th century, have been designated as a National Historic Site.


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Needs an AI-generated image of the original castle.

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It was a real total destruction of the castle, even paintings or drawings are not available by using search engines.

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That does not mean info in texts and paintings is not available.

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Looks like Iwamura castle remains in Gifu.

If they did camping there,with a re-enactment style event,that'd be rad.

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Even without any surviving buildings, I could get a sense of the scale of the original castle just by walking around the area. It must have been quite a daunting place for any attacker to try to take with its mountainside location and defensive design. Unfortunately, even with their advantages, four thousand defenders would have had quite the odds stacked against them facing an attacking force of nearly seventy thousand. The grounds have been very well-maintained with lots of grassy areas, azaleas and wild forest, and are a great place for picnics, views of the surrounding area, light hiking and children to play. There were tarps and ladders on some of the slopes when I went on Monday, so maybe some maintenance work is being done at the moment. There are also the Dragon Castle athletic park and Mishima Skywalk nearby to check out (I didn't as I was a little pooped from cycling). All in all, a very worthwhile visit and it's free.

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