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Members of the Salvation Army solicit donations in front of Matsuya department store in Tokyo's Ginza district on Thursday night.

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I wonder if this donation box is true or they are having a very pleasant time collecting contributions on the street.

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how much money you get from dyor in the background?

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Sorry but the Salvation Army does next to nothing here in Japan. My wife heads a homeless NPO here in Nagoya and the Salvation Army does nothing of charity. All it does in Japan is run a 14 day program for alcoholics.

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That is incorrect.

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Hate to say this, but I have pleasant memories of the "Salvos" as we call them in Australia playing on hot summer nights and they sounded good. These guys sounds....well....do they practice much? I'd say they've just been told they have to do it, and probably just can't NOT do it. But they'd be better off not playing and just asking for donations.

Having said that, good on em for trying. But probably instead of one or two at each station, they should band together (see what I did there?) and work on their repertoire. I think they'd get more money and a better reputation.

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Could you give us an example of some of their activities here? I'm sure some of us would be interested.

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You can look at their homepage.

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kyushubill: All it does in Japan is run a 14 day program for alcoholics.

The original Yuletide pagan festivities lasted only 12 days

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