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Zombie squad


Actors dressed as zombies or ghouls perform during a drive-in haunted house show by Kowagarasetai (Scare Squad), for people inside a car in order to maintain social distancing amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at a garage in Tokyo. Kowagarasetai is hoping to frighten as many as 11 carloads of people a day at weekends in July and hopefully August, coordinator Kenta Iawana said. See related story here.

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people crawling all of your car...what could go wrong?...smh

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A wonderful idea!

It keeps theatre people employed and audiences entertained in a completely safe way, genius!

I would suggest the troupe teams up with a car wash, so after the show, they get their car cleaned!!

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cool! Zombies lives matter.

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I've got this mental image of a horde of Zombies carrying off a light weight Kei car on their shoulders, in a desperate search for a can opener.

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