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The only Honda in the top 20.... Japanese bikes are being dominated by European bikes in MotoGP. Takagami isn't even listed as an official Honda rider!

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There are 4 Hondas is the top 20, which is about the whole grid (21 riders). Marquez qualified 3rd and Nakagami 5th, so Honda isn’t doing too badly. Furthermore, Nakagami rides a full factory spec Honda with factory support, as his contract is with HRC.

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No there aren't

Takagami and Marquez only in the top 20

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I was talking about rider rankings...not grid line up

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By the way...what you riding? Duc I hope!

I have a m900 and an 848 Evo

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My newest bikes are from 1974, a 750 Sport and a 750 SS, so quite different from these modern crotch rockets. Also have some earlier single cylinder models. I have a Ducati repair shop, engine overhauls etc. and only work on models from 1957 till 1984, so the models of which the camshafts are driven by gears. Don’t ride much anymore, I get more satisfaction from working on them.

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Desmodromic valves!

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