Asia News Weekly - Lingering issues between South Korea and Japan

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As South Korea and Japan prepare to mark the 50th anniversary of normalized relations between their two countries and the 70th anniversary of their liberation, diplomatic ties remain strained. Even now, after three years, President Park and Prime Minister Abe have yet to have a bilateral state-level meeting.

Why all the misgivings and just what are the issues preventing the United States’ key allies from burying the hatchet? For that, Jonathan Miller, Fellow on East Asia with the EastWest Institute joins the podcast.

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1 Comment
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What lingering issue, the issue that Korea is too embarrassed to thank Japan for contributing to their civilization and economic recovery, both pre and post WW2? Or perhaps their lingering reluctance to thank the US, Japan, and the other UN countries who saved them from communist domination in the 1950s...

Ungrateful, aren't they?

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