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Disrupting Japan: Only Start a Company When You Have No Other Choice - Taku Harada – Peatix


Taku Harada walked away from the kind of a career that most of us dream of having. He had proven himself at Sony Music, Apple and in his late twenties he was on the fast track, quickly rising thought he ranks at Amazon Japan. He and his friends knew they had an amazing career ahead of them. They could see it clearly and that terrified them.

At that point they knew they had to go out on their own and build something amazing.

Four years and two companies later, Taku has moved to New York where he runs Peatix, a rapidly growing event management and ticking platform with customers around the world. We talk a lot about the steps you need to build a global company from Day 1 and how mistakes are perhaps a company’s most valuable intellectual property

But this is also a very personal and heartfelt conversation about how entrepreneurship is really just a means to an end, and why if that end is money you will slam hard into a wall. Taku explains why starting a company is something you should only do when you have to not when you want to.

I think you’ll enjoy this one.


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Sony, Apple and Amazon by his late 20's. Fast track at being laid off it seems.

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I would give the opposite advice, working for another company is something you should do only when you have no other choice. Unfortunately for most Japanese, workng for a company is the only option they will ecer consider.

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More like he got fired, lelelelelelel!

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He says " I started at Sony Music, was head of music at Amazon and then launched ITunes in Japan". That doesn't sound bad does it?

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Taku explains why starting a company is something you should only do when you have to not when you want to.

Missing a comma in there.

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