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GPod - The cost of living in Tokyo


Tokyo is known as one of the most expensive cities to live in but how much does it actually cost to live here?

In this show, Anthony Joh from the GPod and Reno Tibke from AkihabaraNews break down their respective expenses for living in Tokyo.

From rent, taxes, transportation, food and more, we show you how living in Tokyo is not as expensive as you might think.

Also check out the comments on GaijinPot for additional expenses that have been added by our users.

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And where do you live in Tokyo decently for under 200.000 yen a month?

Compared with any other world capital Tokyo has to have the smallest apartments in the world.

Tokyo living for the most part is like living in a shoebox!

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"Tokyo living for the most part is like living in a shoebox!"

Not if you live in a 211 square meter 3 bedroom + maid room Homat Ambassador residence!

Or if you can somehow do without a maid, a 188 square meter 3 bedroom Atago Green Hills Forest Tower!


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I have 95sq mtrs in Meguro, for 190,000. Have a 6 meter living room window facing south in a 24 mat room. Western size dishwasher (plus my wife = 2 ;) If you take some time to look around there are decent places to be found. I' m 8 minutes to Ebisu or 10 minutes to Shibuya by train.

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Watch it, Meguroman, comments like that about the Mrs. will have you sleeping on that 24 mat floor ! (^.^) !

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I don't pay any rent. I bought outright. And the population density is so high here in Shinjuku, there are discount shops everywhere, and 100 yen shops on every corner. Show up at a supermarket a little late, and everything is disclounted 30%. Not nearly as bad as you think. All the discounters offset the higher rent.

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I think someone went to a vendor stand 20-30 years ago and saw melons and peaches and grapes being sold for 10,000 yen+ and they misinterpreted it as being the price everyone pays for everything. Ever since then Tokyo has the image of ultra-expensiveness...

There are lots of resources for low income people, restaurants, supermarkets, apartments, hotels, etc...

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I agree with the other posters. Having lived in London and Paris before, I must say Tokyo is not that expensive if you avoid taxis and travelling within Japan. Often you get more value for the same amount. At least your small place in Tokyo is clean and newish whereas in London it's grotty and mushy. There's the 1000Yen movie tickets on the 1st of each month, 250-300Yen a glass bars, the 100Yen shops, very decent 500 Yen lunch sets, Donki, if you are tiny enough you can buy the latest fashion second hand as the fashionistas throw out their stuff at the speed of light etc.

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Tokyo used to be expensive. Almost 40 years ago, a cup of coffee was usually about 500 yen. A beer in a pub was also about 500 yen, but they would probably add another 500 for the table or a snack you didn't want. 500 yen also got a cheap lunch. Some things have got cheaper in Japan.

Admittedly, some things have got more expensive, such as transportation, which has doubled in many cases and rock concerts, which used to be about 3,000.

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Compared with any other world capital Tokyo has to have the smallest apartments in the world. Tokyo living for the most part is like living in a shoebox!

Have you go to uptown Paris or London?

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I forgot to mention the 211 square meter 3 bedroom + maid room Homat Ambassador residence is only 1 million 400 thousand yen a month, and the Atago Green Hills Forest Tower 3 bedroom residence goes for the same 1 million 400 thousand yen a month, lol.

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I live in Fukasawa in Setagaya Ku and I have a large house (250 sqm) with 2 car parking and a big garden. I pay ¥400,000 per month for that and this is a normal price for a large city, actually compared to London, LA and New York it is low. Most food etc is about the same as when I lived in the US but lower then London. All in all Japan for me is cheaper then what I am used to!

@ gokai_wo_maneku: how did you manage to buy? I find it hard to get the banks to approve a loan for me since I dont have credit in this country. I own a medium size corporation and have been in operation for 15 years and still they dont loan me to buy a house. If you have any advice please share!

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