Grand opening -- Smokehouse by T.Y. Harbor Brewing


The newest restaurant from T.Y. Harbor Brewing, Smokehouse, opened Friday right near Harajuku Station on Cat Street in Tokyo. Smokehouse boasts authentic slow-cooked BBQ meats with over 10 types of American and Japanese craft beer including TY Harbor's originals.

Japan Today's Kamasami Kong got a sneak peak at the pre-opening to give us a taste of what we believe will become a favorite among BBQ lovers in Tokyo. Check out the video below.

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Wow, Kamasami Kong, I remember listening to him on the radio growing up in Hawaii... now he's doing restaurant openings in Tokyo???

Too bad he didn't have more to say about the food, which, if it's any good, is the only thing I'd go all the way to Harajuku for.

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Yes thank you for that sparkling narration, pointing out all the things in the images that most of us can already see because we have eyes. More information about the food, other than a brief image of some drumsticks in a smoker, would have really been appreciated.

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Hmm....I think if he focused more on the food instead of the interior decor, the whole set up would look more attractive.

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