In Tokyo: the city's hottest new magazine


If you're living in or planning a visit to Tokyo, the new In Tokyo magazine will prove to be a handy guide to help you find the fun, discover the best eats and plan to attend the most interesting events.

In this short interview, Editor-in-chief Jeff Richards tells us about some of the many things we can find in the third and latest.

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Hey, send me a choclate!

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Is this magazine published by the same group that JT is a part of?

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Trying to find it online, without success ....

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Looks similar to other publications. By the way, you cannot post the full link in between the buttons as it says it is potentially offensive content.

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Downloaded it, glanced at the pages that downloaded to my iPad (about 2/3 of the complete magazine). Noticed it was one big advertisement for people with enough money to afford those places. Great photography, though.

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borscht: I said the same but you got thumbs up...hahahahha

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Typical, Borscht, typical!

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I just looked at it and didn't find any specific gems that would be useful for people who have been in Tokyo for more than a few months or who have a guide book. Looks stylish though so point for that?

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