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The November 15th edition of the Kong Show is now live! This week, the gang at Japan Today and their friends from AkihabaraNews talk about what foreigners find awesome in Japan, augmented reality glasses, and all the other news from the serious to the weird.

Also catch up on the latest community news, such as Hawaiian Thanksgiving dinners, movie releases and Nishimachi International School's Walkathon / Runathon outreach program.

Please give us your comments, suggestions and requests for upcoming episodes of the Kong Show.

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Thanksgiving Hawaiian style sounds great. Thanks for keeping us updated on the local scene in Tokyo-Yokohama.

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Excellent .

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Ive been listening for a couple of weeks now. Some thoughts on this podcast.


Short duration. 15 minutes is perfect for focusing on the top issues. Many podcasts drag on too long. Good source of information for things happening in Japan. Professionally produced.


Too many "kamasami kong" sound snippets - sounds like the guy is in love with himself. Silly sound excerpts and try-hard sound FX. Unnecessary. Makes me cringe. Unnatural start to podcast with self-introductions. Probably don't need this. The host should just introduce the (regular) guest and let them speak. No need to talk about what they are going to say when the podcast is only 15 minutes long.
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