The Kong Show hears about Shake Shack's Shocktoberfest


There's only one day left to enjoy the OctoberFest special going on now at Tokyo's newest Shake Shack located in Yurakucho and it's all about beer, brats and, of course their famous burgers. All the details are in this short video, but don't leave until you see and hear about the custom made desserts.

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It's great !

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Have a big problem with this Shake Shack restaurant. While their hamburgers are good they keep on shoving an English menu in front of my face and even though I order in Japanese they reply in English.

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Well if your not Japanese and look like a gaijin, you will get treated like one. Love these people that come to Japan expecting to become Japanese.

Word of advice. You will never be accepted as a Japanese person.

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