The Kong Show introduces some terrific burgers


We know many of you are burger lovers and so we offer this short video as a reminder as to where you can get some really tasty treats until the end of this month, and that's just a few days away. Watch and listen as Chef de Cuisine, Adam Knofsinger of the Oak Door and the Grand Hyatt, Tokyo tells us about the ingredients of his various burgers.

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The lamb burger and the Mexican burger look too tall for even Julia Roberts to get into her mouth.

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I guess Hyatt want to kill off their customers. Since when is chester cheese fries an American dish?

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As always, my first question when talking about burgers in Japan is "Do they mix onions in the meat before cooking it, and is it 100% beef?" The Patty Melt looks great. But Ranch dressing and Fries? Not very original for a chef.

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