The Kong Show presents The Kinlay Band


The Kinlay Band is a 4-piece rock, funk, reggae indie band based in Tokyo and can usually be seen performing at What The Dickens in Tokyo’s Ebisu area. In January, the band released two new CDs at the same time. In this edition of the Kong Show we catch up with the leader, vocalist and the bands namesake Andy MacKinley and bassist Yukako Ishii.

As we travel across town in the backseat of a taxi, Andy and Yukako tell us about future performances and plans to expand their fan base in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe and and along the way they’ll introduce a few samples of music from their new double-album with titles of "Black Dragon" and "Lost Treasures."

Other members of the band include Seiji Fukuda on keyboards on background vocals and guitar, and Hiroki Murakami on drums. The band’s fourth studio production, In February, the band plans to build up their Western fan base with a mini-tour of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nagoya.

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Great to hear KINLAY Band on the Super Duper KONG show... Much Love N respect Brothaaa !!!

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My CDs arrived today, can't wait to listen to them. Andy is a friend from Manchesterrrrr University! Jess

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Boom! Kinlay Band**** rocks!

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These guys are awesome - they pull together the best of rock funk and reggae and totally tear it up live and

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Sweet groves. I am digging the vibes.

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Slick production and songwriting skills from Kinlay on "Black Dragon". Definitely upping the ante. The female backup singers Aimee, Sorcha and Monique did a fine job too ;)

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Kinlay is a hidden jewel. I think that once you've heard them, you will be an instant fan!

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Kinlay band Roxx, especially the CD because the back up vocals are really cool ;)

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Kinlay is THE GROOVE!!! Love him!!!!!

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Kinlay is one of the most bad-ass, party-kickin' funky band in Tokyo! Loving their single/video "shine on me" a lot. check it out!

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Kinlay Band definitely have mad skills.

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I love Kinlay music!!かっこいー!

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I've been following the Kinlay Band for years. They an awesome,powerful, and very fun act to go watch. Their new record is fantastic as well-p

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Thank you KONG!!

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