The Kong Show talks to Konishiki about his new crowd-funded CD


Former sumo star turned singer and producer Konishiki and his lovely wife Chie stopped by our studio to tell us about their new crowd-funded CD titled “COLOR'S,” released on Nov 26.

Konishiki is a Hawaiian-born Japanese–Samoan one-time sumo wrestler, and since leaving the ranks of sumo, among other things, he’s been a restaurant owner, singer, entertainer, TV talent, motivational speaker, philanthropist and record producer. He gained legendary status in the world of sumo as he was the first non-Japanese-born wrestler to reach ozeki, the second-highest rank in the traditional Japanese sport.

During his career, he won the top division championship on three occasions and came close to becoming the first foreign-born grand champion, or yokozuna. During the peak of his career, he weighed 287 kg (633 lbs), making him the heaviest wrestler ever in sumo, and earning him the nickname "Dump Truck." Since those heavyweight days, he's trimmed down to 173 kg (381 lbs).

In this interview, Konishiki (real name, Saleva’a Atisano’e) tells us about his heritage, his charity work, his motivational speeches, his passion for singing and dancing, and his home life and married life.

For more information about how you can hear and purchase his CD, check his website at

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Actually the first time to have heard Koni-chan speaking English - in 31 years here!

He has done OK, by the sound of it.

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I sat and talked with him for 40 minutes once. He is a very funny man.

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Love that guy.

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