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'Omuraisu,' comfort food for Japanese and Koreans, a symbol of warmer ties

By Kantaro Komiya

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Although many foreigners might associate Japanese cuisine with sushi or tempura, yoshoku, or Western-influenced dishes such as omuraisu and tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet), are more common fare on Japanese dinner tables.

Essential details for all you out-of-country foodies!!! I'm partial to the dreaded Neapolitan Spag myself!

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I love omuraisu, though I prefer it with tomato ketchup and not the brown sauce.

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2,600 for omuraisu? What does the guy do? Have his own chickens out back laying them fresh?

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I love omuraisu, though I prefer it with tomato ketchup

What other kind of ketchup is there?

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fob it all off with a food slogan.shucks , It might even work.

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YubaruToday  06:07 pm JST

I love omuraisu, though I prefer it with tomato ketchup

What other kind of ketchup is there?

Mushroom ketchup, Banana ketchup. Curry ketchup, etc.


But yea, you never see any kind other than tomato. Guess he's just being precise. lol

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It'll be baumkuchen and castella next.

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Interesting on the omurice connection between Japan and South Korea. I ate a lot of omurice in Korea in my younger days. Funny how the simple things in life connect people.

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'Omuraisu,' comfort food

Right, treating Yoon with "comfort" food, so that he can forgive the "comfort women" issue? When the South Koreans hear this, they are going to get quite upset! It is not Yoon we need to convince, is it?

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Never had omuraisu. but I heard from friend that it is filling and tastes good, got to try it someday. Glad to see the two leaders have a good time while taking new steps to improve relation.

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Yes, I am also a fan of omuraisu with ketchup. I don't dislike the brown sauce, but ketchup tastes much better and is more nostalgic because I ate it in my youth. The brown sauce is more recent.

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Very important meeting and japan feeds him day worker food at overpriced prices. My area, omirice is about ¥860+Abe tax.

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The brown sauce is more recent.

It is far from "recent", the "demi glace" sauce has been around for decades, and sadly there are few places that go to the trouble of preparing it correctly, as it takes a lot of time to prepare.

The generic "brown" sauce is typically from a can, and not homemade.

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Never heard of it before, sounds interesting, would like to try it.

I assume the brown sauce is not the same as Daddies or HP Brown sauce?


Very important meeting and japan feeds him day worker food

Quite the reverse, it shows they took the trouble to find out what he likes.

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I like a cheese and onion omelet for breakfast with whatever is left over from dinner and whole wheat toast. Tomato ketchup works for me.

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2,600 for omuraisu? What does the guy do? Have his own chickens out back laying them fresh?

Yes, it's expensive but you should watch the movie to see how the Tampopo style fetishized omuraisu is made. Basically the chef has to roll scrambled egg around in a frying pan just enough so that it sets with the thinnest possible skin. This skin must not brown.

This fragile omelette is then placed on top of the rice and slit with a regular dining knife so that the fluffy scrambled egg inside flows over the rice. To do it the proper way is very precise. Its easiest to just scramble eggs and pour that over the rice, but you do not get the performance angle of cutting open the omelette. You can make omuraisu with a thin omelette that is completely set, that's how I make it at home and how most cheap restaurants do it, but omuraisu fanatics will probably want the fluffy half-set egg version.

Eggs are possibly the most demanding food to cook. Pretty much everyone gets Eggs Benedict wrong. Mayonnaise from scratch, egg custard (Japanese "purin"), or even just custard for a choux cream are all very difficult to get just right. A little bit over or under and the texture and mouth feel will be wrong.

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It was with my ex and must have been 25 years ago, but I have been to the restaurant in Tampopo on a rare visit to Tokyo. It was very good for what it was. The egg was super fluffy. I personally prefer omuraisu with cha-han fried rice to the ketchup chicken rice they used, so not quite perfect for me.

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Ginza traffic jam thank you Mr Kim

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I lived in Tokyo in the 1960s and ate a dish similar to omuraisu. Might even be that very thing. Loved it!

So get on with this and heal with S. Korea!

Just do it.

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Tomato sauce, plain ketchup, brown demi glacé sauce, white bechamel sauce, or half and half of any 2, yum! Love omurice

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For this vicious cycle to end, Japan needs to stay strong and not back down on apologies given, compensation paid. This is a Korean mess made by Moon Jae-in,the most anti-Japan politician S.Korea had in decades! Korea itself should clean up its own mess, instead of always looking at Japan to do it for them!

If every time we bailout, give a pass, compromise on S.Korea breaking agreements signed, promises made, The Vicious Cycle Will Never End! They Will Hate Us Even More! The More You Give to South Korea as Japanese, The More Hate You Create On The Korea Peninsula for Japan. This is a Fact!

Do you know who never apologies to South Korea? Never paid any compensation?Russia and China! The two most responsible countries for divided Korea in half, then helping North Korea survive the Korean War.

In the future, Korean War 2.0 can resume, North Korea and South Korea would be at War again, What does this mean for Japan??

We will be dragged in any conflict on the Korea Peninsula. Japan itself can become a target by helping South Korea. Yet, this is not enough for S.Korea to accept Japanese apology and compensation as settled! Done with!

Weapons, food,water, intelligence, Navy, Japan's own SDF would end up helping South Korea in any future conflict on the Korea Peninsula.

South Korean refugees? Millions of them! Millions would come to Japan! Seoul is easy to hit, even with artillery, too close to the border with North Korea, Millions of South Koreans would come to Japan, the 2nd Home for Koreans, in the same neighborhood as Korea, with Koreans who copy 90% of Japanese culture. Japan would be like a 2nd home for them.

Japan's help is not without conditions. You can't spit in our face, then expect full support the next day! Korean logic when it comes to Japan.

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On cue the media creating a cozy、 positive vibe for the meeting for the two pro-US leaders.

If it were a minister from China who had similarly spent time in Japan as a youth you'd never see this type of article.

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There's too much rice in everything in Japan, especially the sticky glutinous stuff, and there shouldn't be so much of it in yoshoku, with omuraisu being a case in point. I had a burrito this week that was supposedly TexMex, but it was stuffed with boiled white rice. I mean, come on.

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Omuraiso is a simple and delicious meal, I learned about it in a Netflix series, Tokyo Dinner Stories, a marvelous series with a small restaurant where the cook accepts orders from customers, in general meals that the customers had in their childhood, full of good memories, a must to see series, amazing stories of a great variety of personal characters. Tokyo alone has over 137,000 restaurants, against 27,000 in New York, this is clear that fair prices are a great incentive to convince many people to have their meals at small restaurants instead of cooking at home.

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