2-way race begins for LDP leadership


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Pukey2 - I think you're right there. It's likely that Ishiba was asked to stand against Abe to make his inevitable victory appear more legitimate. Ganbare Japan - I hope you were joking about Abe retiring in 2025-6!

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Ishiba-sensei would be best adviced to step back and pull out of the race. He has Zero chance to beat PM Abe. Ishiba-sensei should focus on 2025-6, when PM Abe may retire, and then focus hard on the battle with Koizumi Shinjiro for the PM job.

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Isn't this a bit like the last Democrat primaries? They know who's going to win or who they want to win, but they have to chose a minor opponent to make it look as if it's not a one-man show.

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80% of 405, that is 320, landsliding.

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