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3,000 stage rally against conspiracy law


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3000 people. That ain't bad.

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I hope this law will not affect the freedom of expressions in Japan. If weekly magazines "Bunshun" and "Shincho" try to expose prime minister's scandals, will it violate the conspiracy law as having an intention of toppling the government? The above magazines lead to resignations of many scandal ridden politicians which newspapers did not report.

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It's a shame that so many else don't get what the Abe-administration's ambitions really are. To fullfill Abe's grandfather wish of establishing a totalitarian-regime within the borders of Japan.

And don't come and tell me the opposite! This is exactly what we've seen with Abe in power for 6 years in total! For instance; Introduction of pre-WW2 imperial school materials, security bills (2015), Anti-terror bill (2017), Hitler's Mein Kampf-biography, LDP-nazi gaffes, that Japanese bakeries are the origin of every worldwide bakery, affiliated and supportive of ultra-nationalistic school (Moritomo Gakuen), pursuing to amend probably the world's only recognized pacifist constitution, and disobeying to step down as party-head, but rather introducing a law that expands his tenure with 3 years!

Why do you all demonstrate? When you all probably voted for the LDP-party? If you want something different, vote for something different and refuse to grant another 4 years with 2/3 majority for LDP in both the upper and lower-houses! It's a broken democracy where you in theory has a one-party state with LDP constantly in power and sometimes a supermajority. Where the only really difference is who governs the LDP-party. There's too much dominance lying with one party:(

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3,000 stage rally against conspiracy law

God's speed guys. Thank you for your TRUE patriotism!

Resonance of Melancholy-excellent quote!  100% on the money!

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Good for them and thanks. Can i see a guy with a t shirt saying complex?

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The poster up front must want to be like Donald Trump.

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The 277 crimes include those directly related to terrorism, such as arson, as well as those on the use of drugs, human trafficking and fraud.

Pray tell how the use of drugs affects the preparations for the Olympics?

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And not ironically thanks to this law they can be arrested as conspiring against the government. That's where we're headed. The New China.

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Lol but but, it's democratic country!!

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Good to see that some people are awake !

@Resonance of Melancholy What you wrote is interesting but you don't seriously believe it makes any difference who you vote for do you ? Aren't they all part of the same Scam/Club ? (including ALL Western police states)

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Wallace Fred: "Lol but but, it's democratic country!!"

Yeah, and as with most things here "democracy" is just lip-service, in part. It's kind of like China is "socialist" and not a commercial country, with everyone being equal.

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@yubaru, it seems you're a one-track minded man. Even in simple workplace bullying, it plays a role.

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Even at this present time, I don't think Japan is a country of freedom where many people don't know what it really means, on the other hand a very disciplined society and easier to manipulate to one side direction. Abe knows it, that's his tricky way using his 'brainless' mouth. Be against terrorism, yes! Be against freedom and change the constitution of Japan, no way!

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Arrest them all for actually having the time to do this, they don't appreciate the government approved 100 hours overtime limit. Get back to work you slackers. Why would you question your bettors?

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Supporting the LDP and Abe will ensure your immunity from these laws.

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@yubaru, it seems you're a one-track minded man. Even in simple workplace bullying, it plays a role.

Please tell me how a drug related crime has anything to do with the preparations for the Olympics?

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