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3 Chinese diplomats with Japan ties were detained, freed Japanese man says


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Sounds like they were guilty. Being a spy is not all James Bond and massaritis cars.

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Japan's large-scale espionage activities against China began at least in the Qing Dynasty since there were historical records. Some famous figures and events were written in Chinese textbooks. The ccp are fully aware these things and are very alert to Japanese spies.

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Arrested for spying regarding information about China - North Korea relations?

Isn’t that normal business for a foreign embassy?

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They just onlynfollow another logical conclusion rule there. For them in China , or similar system countries like Russia or North Korea, everyone who enters the country is suspicious and a spy right from the start and then they try to exclude highly probable and proven or verified non-spies from that list, and the few remaining ones are real spies and come under arrest. The contrary of the Western world so to say, where first everyone is free to move and unsuspicious and welcomed and only a very few will be detected as spies if they overdo spying or make some other big cardinal errors indicating they could probably be spies.

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If these people were indeed spies, that this headline is very misleading. Were they mistreated during detainment? Were they falsely accused?

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Funny Rodney - Never saw 007 drive a Maserati.

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Sounds like they were guilty. Being a spy is not all James Bond and massaritis cars.

When everything is by default a secret unless Xi asks you to say it, then everyone who speaks is a spy.

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Imagine that! Chinese diplomats accustomed to living outside of China prefer being free of the CCP.

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One of the many disadvantages to living under a dictatorship......the right to be imprisoned for years at a time without recourse to laws or due process.

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Being Chinese and living abroad the Chinese control their citizens. Anyone who enters China is considered a spy you will be watched! Neighbors tell on neighbors if they suspect anything abnormal thats the CCP!

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And that's why I will never go to China.

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Neighbors tell on neighbors if they suspect anything abnormal thats the CCP.

No, that isn't true at all. I have family in China. Nobody wants to have any kind of contact with the police or other authorities unless it is absolutely necessary, say for something like a Hukou or a medical ID card. There is no affection for the CCP even among many CCP members. Reporting someone just brings trouble to the person reporting because the police will start asking nosy questions and searching your own apartment. Nobody does it. This isn't the Cultural Revolution where my won wife was forced to denounce her parents inf front of the village. Those days are long gone. The average Chinese hates the CCP. The saying in my own family is "the government does what it wants and we do what we want".

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Do not believe this.

Their imprisonment is a shroud of lies, to make us think that these individuals are safe to have in our own communities and place some trust in...

Total lies.

Do not allow these individuals into any Country.

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