$309 million released for construction of Guam Marine base


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Guam is one big American defense installation. When the world is ending colonialism, why is this even happening?

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TheTiger - Guam has been a US territory since 1898. oh, and when did the world end colonialism?

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Seems like a good idea to me. Take some pressure off Okinawa...though of course they are already the poorest Japanese prefecture.

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TheTiger - You should exclude American, when you talking about the rest of the world.

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Why such a large amount for an upgrade to an existing base on Guam. Plus as an american base, the maintenance should be shouldered by America. Must be an amazingly satisfying job to dispose of hard earned taxpayers money in this way, In the end it's the Guam economy that benefits. It would be so satisfying if all government departments were held accountable for their expenditure , and had to produce balance sheets that were made public online for all to scrutinise. but then again its never going to happen.

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.though of course they are already the poorest Japanese prefecture.

Thanks to the bases, not in spite of them. I don't know why people think bases are such a boon to the economy. A boon to the economy would be a Toyota factory occupying just a relatively tiny bit of what mostly looks to be a giant golf course!

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Japan put up more than $1B and US only $309 M? Why does Japan have to burden for the relocation of the bases US unilaterally increased because Japan is kind to pay the "Sympathy Money"? Japan goes bankrupt as long as US is in Japan. I think that's US intention.

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