7 lawmakers join Hashimoto's group

By Miwa Suzuki

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It's a bit of a stretch to claim the sweaty philanderer Hashimoto has "boyish charm". More like "ojisan sleaze".

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Only thinking of themselves

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I hope he has checked to see if any of them have tattoos.

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Blah, blah, blah... NOTHING will change.

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To those that thought that Hashimoto is the next best thing for Japanese politics since the wheel was invented, watch out, you just might get what you are asking for.

We are all sitting on the sidelines and are witnessing the birth of a new dictator in Japan.

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Bring on the cynics, stage left.

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Everything about his body language and arrogant expression (never even mind what he says and does) suggest that he is downright dishonest, self-important, authoritarian and one of the worst potential party leaders Japan has yet to see.

And then there's the fact that he's the son of a former yakuza (alledgedly...).... doesn't augur well, does it? Yubaru (above) puts it well - " the birth of a new dictator in Japan". This little tyrant's motivation is to go down in history as a leader - for his own self-grandisement. It has nothing to do with doing anything for the good of Japan.

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The point is (and he says it by himself) that Hashimoto wants to "take control" over all Japanese Prefectures. Not only Osaka.

This had happened before in other places ... they keyword is "Machtergreifung" ... a perfect translation of what Hashimoto wants to do.

He seems he does not care about the will or the intentions of the voters. The voters should just assume that "Ishin no kai" might be good for them to trick them into handing over the power.

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Japanese conservative far-rights are gathering. Totalitarian is always popular in Japanese politics. If Nihon Restoration Association wins the next election, Japan will be ruled by fear stronger than LDP era.

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The point is (and he says it by himself) that Hashimoto wants to "take control" over all Japanese Prefectures. Not only Osaka.

And the saddest part of it is because the lemmings are letting him get away with it so far. Any other politician that pulled the crap that he has so far would have had their head handed to them on a platter. The problem is that there are plenty of Japanese (conservative as they are) that secretly, and now publicly as well, that agree with what he is doing.

I believe they all are in for a huge shock when and if he takes over!

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Yeah..all those that want to give Hashimoto a shot at fixing Japan,s economical and political malaise are lemmings and fools. We should just stick with the current politicians of both DPJ and LDP because they have served Japan so well and brought this country to where it is right now.They have the track record to prove they have what it takes to reform Japan and stop its decline. Change is scary so we should just stick with the status quo and hope things will somehow improve. I,m sure it will happen...one day...somehow.

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he's very attractive IMO and it helps with his charm factor. such a handsome guy. I'd vote for him.

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Yomiuri's Japanese article is telling that these politicians are calling each other "Seven Samurai". It's uncomfortable to hear them using the name, and most of all, don't they know Meiji Ishin was the end of Samurai era?

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