78% urge election before tax hikes to cover Japan defense budget rise


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Kishida has called on businesses to raise wages at a pace that matches the recent sharp inflation that has hit households. Only 16.5 percent believe such an increase will come true, significantly lower than 80.7 percent who believe it is unfeasible.

Despite polling from a disproportionate number of stay at home, landline using LDP or nothing supporters, no one believes in New Capitalism .

The Great Resignation in Japan is the overwhelming learned helplessness towards the system.

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Why bother with an election? The same LDP will be kept in power, this time with a "mandate" to increase taxes.

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Why bother? They just get to show off on government controlled TV, have meetings in hotels where coffee costs ¥1300, and do anything they want.

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Agree with YeahRight, delaying an election as long as possible will delay the tax rate increases, and in turn the economic damage as long as possible. So hoping for that.

Of course if the LDP let’s Kishida run riot over the remnants of the Japanese economy with higher government spending and higher tax rates, they will win the election anyway because team LDP has more members of the group than the hapless opposition parties, with the exception of Ishin.

Japanese democracy doesn’t involve voting for policies, but voting for the person who says yoroshiku onegaishimasu at the local train station. Then the LDP will decide what policies to enact as they see fit.

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