85 plaintiffs appeal S Korean court ruling dismissing wartime labor case


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Japan has paid and apologized for its crimes, yey South Korea continues to victimize itself and indoctrinate its children to believe they're owed something. They will show pictures drawn by children of Japan being nuked, set themselves on fire at protests, refuse to refuel Japanese cars, harass a US diplomat for having a moustache similar to a Japanese general's, and try to put stickers in classrooms saying “This device was made by a war criminal”. The Moon administration dissolved the comfort women fund that Japan started, threatened to pull out of GSOMIA, then lied about consulting the US. When I was a child, my own parents and grandparents constantly reminded me what Japan did as if they happened yesterday. The endless hatred and indoctrination makes me ashamed to be Korean.

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silly musings from worst Korea.

“We respect our courts decisions” and “ impeached the judge, he must be Japanese” .

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It is why I was not impressed with the ruling. It will be overturned and the Judge impeached.

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Just get over it and move on.

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In essence, Koreans (especially supreme court judges) are fighting to prove annexation by Japan was illegal.

They don't care much about what they call (by their own definition without proper fact-checking process) victims

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Three cheers for the 85 plaintiffs. I hope they win.

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As per usual, these plaintiffs are barking up the wrong tree.

Who they should be bringing a lawsuit against is the South Korean government.

Judge Ho is absolutely on the money when he says these claims should be as individuals per the 1965 normalization treaty. The Japanese government at that time offered to directly compensate the victims of its brutal treatment of Koreans, an offer which the SK government refused. Instead, the SK government used whatever compensation and soft loans the Japanese government gave to fund its own public works projects.

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Totally expected, and I called it at the time So much for the many naive posters (one or 2 above me here) claiming that the ruling "showed hope" that Korea-Japan relations had turned the page. Very naive.

The Korean government will never allow the judgment to stand. The official policy of Japan as the enemy will never change. Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional or not well read.

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Let's impeach a judge as many times as we can until a judge appears with the desired verdict.....

Using old people who suffered in war to fill the pockets of a few idiots with money and fulfill their daily dose of hatred towards a neighbouring country. But, it's like ping pong, though. Now it is Korea, next time it will be Japan. Then Korea again. It's been that way for over 60 years. But if you look at politics in South Korea, it's a lot like politics here. Corrupt gerontocrats in leadership positions who like to enjoy the ladies' company at nightclubs after work.

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