Representatives from 87 nations to attend Hiroshima A-bomb memorial ceremony


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Amazing that South Korea is visiting, but good to see them put aside differences so that we may never see nuclear war ever again.

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whats the point, how many nukes have been gone? USA and Russia are developing new models.

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If nuclear weapons had never been developed, maybe many more conventional wars would have been fought and people killed in the years since. MAD has been good, but remains so only while nuclear states are not ruled by complete madmen.

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Obama attended. Where is Trump?

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Trump's got to go. I mean, isn't he Botchan's BFF?

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Here we go again, with more speeches depicting the wrongness in the use of the atomic bomb and pleas for nuclear weapons abolishment.

In 1959, Mitsuo Fuchida, the pilot who led the first wave in the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, met with Paul Tibbets, who piloted the Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and told him that:

You did the right thing. You know the Japanese attitude at that time, how fanatic they were, they'd die for the Emperor ... Every man, woman, and child would have resisted that invasion with sticks and stones if necessary ... Can you imagine what a slaughter it would be to invade Japan? It would have been terrible. The Japanese people know more about that than the American public will ever know.

(Source: Clear Conscience: The Atom Bomb Vs. the Super Holocaust, page 87, Raymond Davis)

Fuchida, a Japanese hero, who coordinated the entire aerial attack that started the war and who was present in Hiroshima at the end of the war, believes the U.S. did the right thing to end the war as they did.  Who are we, who were not there, to argue with him?

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"Among the world's nuclear powers, Britain, France and Russia will send their envoys, but China does not plan to"

Why not?

Too bad Japan's leaders didn't surrender 5 months earlier after a good portion of Tokyo and other cities were burnt down and more people killed than in Hiroshima in the firebombings in March.

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In the 1960's we had a slogan which still rings true today,

"Ban the Bomb!"

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