A-bomb survivor, speaking at Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, urges world to ban nuclear weapons


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There is only one way to prevent the use of nuclear weapons — prohibit and eliminate them

Worked with NK didn't it? Or did they not get the memo?

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Yeah, there's always somebody who makes a mess in the neighborhood. But she's correct that banning nukes would be a wonderful thing. Prolly not possible, but you gotta dream.

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I always have thought of this option about nuclear arms to be the only valid option, for the sake of the planet.

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Foolish, but understandable.

Basically means that leaders who win will be either the ones who cheat, or the ones who build the largest conventional military.

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It's the right thing to aspire to for the sake of everyone on this planet. But unfortunately it's way too late now to try to get the nations who have them, nations who don't but are protected by them, and nations that are eagerly rushing to acquire them to give them up. Only shot left is to do our best to regulate them.

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The barn door is open and the horse has already bolted...

Or put another way...

Ban them all you want but we all know that everyone is gonna keep some tucked away...Just in case the other guy has.

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Preaching to the mirror she is. So many A-bomb survivors spoke out before like she did, but no changes.

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It is a pity that Japan did not sign fhe treaty

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Soon people born after WW2 will be called war survivors....

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We all wish for a nuclear world but unfortunately it's too late. Now all we can do is pray that none of them will be used ever again.

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It's nice that she survived and can now shower everyone with inspirational words. I would bet my left kidney and car, though, that she voted for Komeito (who now wants Japan to arm again)... Just a gut feeling.

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The only people pushing for war are US hawks and DPRK supremacists. They must be isolated even more.

Otherwise a nuclear war is, indeed, "only a tantrum" away.

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The practical realities of trying to implement a nuclear weapons ban seem, without some incredible new technology, completely insurmountable. The most powerful nuclear weapons states are also 3 of the largest countries in geographical area. The largest by a very long country mile being Russia. China & the U.S as well are both vast.

How on earth are we suppose to monitor a nuclear weapons ban for compliance, unless you can you can see every square inch of territory, in every country, 24 hours a day. Perhaps that is possible now. No doubt various military's are working on it, but then even if you can spot some shenanigans you need the force to put an end to it.

I think its a positive first step that this treaty is being put forward but there are vast challenges in implementation and they certainty to which the nuclear weapons state will demand that every other nuclear weapons state is disarmed is obviously going to be 100%. What else can it be.

Given the trust between these countries alone is 0. Is that achievable?

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A well meaning, but unrealistic venture.

Humans would only ban nuclear weapons, when we have even more powerful other types of weapons.

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We are talking about human beings, who spend half their time and resources trying to kill eash other off. Look at history. A ban on nuclear weapons is not going to happen. What will happen in an inevitable perfect storm is the annihilation of humans. I only hope I am dead and gone when that happens (I predict within the next 50 years).

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 I only hope I am dead and gone when that happens (I predict within the next 50 years). yeah so your children / relatives can die in your place instead, so very brave of you.

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Not a fan of Nobel Peace prize after Obana got one for his drone strikes and calling civilian deaths as collateral damage. It is too political. I like this one...

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was awarded the Sean MacBride Peace Prize along with Noam Chomsky and Japanese anti-military base activists, yet the award received scant coverage in the British media.

nuclear weapons can finish humanity. But people forget biological weapons and chemical weapons and ones like HAARP. All should be stoped.

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You know, it is possible to be too clever for your own good, and humans are a great example of that. And there is a theory that throughout the universe, other advanced species have eradicated themselves by developing weapons of mass destruction that they eventually use.

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Japan has a major taboo to deal with! Being the sole country to have experienced the harshness of nuclear attacks, and still not having signed the treaty effectively banning Nuclear weapons. Being a part of U.S' nuclear-umbrella does not necessarily mean that you can symbolically vote against nuclear weapons, especially Japan since you're the only one to have suffered from Atomic bombs.

I think the U.S would've had every understanding if Japan decided to join the treaty! The Japanese Government has no right advocate for a nuclear-free world when they both spread nuclear power (India, who by the way has not signed the non-proliferation treaty) and not signing a treaty banning nuclear arms! It's the Hibakusha and the majority of the Japanese population who has always done the hard work of advocating for a more peaceful world without nuclear arms, not the Government.

Abe and his selfish Government has only taken all the credits the Hibakushas and the majority of Japan has built up over time. LDP has even considered deploying and let Japan use nuclear arms (Taro Aso)! It doesn't become more double standard than that!! Japan, you can't just sit silently and watch the Japanese Government taking all the credits for your Nuclear-free campaign, when your government is doing something completely opposite by spreading nuclear power! Utter your disapproval and react, Japan.

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Why is everybody ganging up on Japan.

From the article:

*The treaty has been signed by 56 countries — none of them nuclear powers — and ratified by only three.* To become binding it requires ratification by 50 countries.

Japan alone can't/won't make a difference, how about pressuring the signatories who haven't ratified? My guess some posters here will come from those very same countries.

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  “I would bet my left kidney and car, though, that she voted for Komeito (who now wants Japan to arm again)... Just a gut feeling.”

Research is often better than a gut. As Thurlow married a Canadian and settled in Toronto in 1955, and before that was living and studying in the US, I think it’s just as likely that she hadn’t been voting in Japanese elections.

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Research is often better than a gut. As Thurlow married a Canadian and settled in Toronto in 1955, and before that was living and studying in the US, I think it’s just as likely that she hadn’t been voting in Japanese elections.

Then I thank you for correcting me.

Although I apologize for directing my comment at Mrs. Thurlow personally, my sentiment comes from a lot of what Stridebreaker outlined in the good post above. Too many of Thurlow's generation love to play the victim (and they are/were). But they often lack the flexibility of mind to see that the LDP would have them armed as a nuclear state just as quick as they can. Preparations have long since been underway and as far as any nuclear footprint goes, Japan certainly left one with Fukushima, too.

On one hand they talk poetically about how they were brutalized in the war (the same theme we see running through Japanese text books) then on the other hand they actively support the powers (LDP) that want them to militarize again. We all know that the elderly are Jiminto's biggest supporters, and often tell their children to vote for them too.

I used to have a lot of sympathy for Japan until I learned their passive-aggressive mindset that runs almost every facet of life here. Constantly playing the victim while they are in fact (in this scenario) the aggressor. Granted, it's not the people who are directly the aggressor, but the people fail to put back-pressure on their leaders who ARE the aggressors.

It gets tiring.

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We need to eliminate arms and race in the name of arms and ammunition. First the so called super powers and five so called big 5 should stop exporting arms in the name of security and strategic alliance. The root cause for terrorism is violence in the name of religion. The violent thoughts get nurtured and nourished by the fertile arms and ammunition factories in the world. If arms are eliminated totally, we can live in harmony and eliminate the culture of terror, violence and killings.

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Difficult time to have ban nuke in this fragile moments of silly leaders of the first world countries speaking BS confrontations. I'm sure Ms. Setsuko Thurlow will be in the history of humanity and all those silly leaders of this moment to be forgotten when generations of better world will come to all humanity. Those silly leaders who are still in the 20th century of devil's will should be vanished in future history for inhumane actions.

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In view of the history of Japan as being the only nation in the world to have experienced a nuclear attack at the hands of the US, I am amazed at the amount of support they give the US even to the extent of allowing the US to target it by building bases on Japanese soil from which the US can dominate and bully the world. The Japanese people need to reign in their politicians and regain their sovereignty. When you vote in Japan its not worth anything because the politicians are controlled by the US. The same is true by so-called western powers; they have all surrendered their sovereignty to the US. NK is one of the few nations that values its sovereignty and is prepared to stand up to the US. Japan continues to live under US occupation.

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Many people have deluded themselves into thinking that this level of peace is how its always been or that its down to modern age diplomacy and communications. But the truth is that its because of nukes.

Nukes prevent wars through deterence. Nukes lead opposing countries into standoff - no moron is going to start a war they cant win. This gives enough time for diplomacy to bring an end to the prospect of war. If the USA developed nukes in the 1920's or 1930's, would WW2 have happened?

iCAN who wants countries to disarm their nukes? What happens if what they want comes true and ALL the nukes in the world were disarmed tommorow? World War III happens! Some crazy people would get the idea that invasion by conventional means was now possible. Maybe it would be China attempting to overrun Japan and its neighbors or maybe Russia trying to revive itself.

So a big No Thx to iCAN and a big fat cheer for nukes!! cheer cheer

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I'll think about supporting it after Kim Jung Un's signature is at the bottom.

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