Abe, Macron discuss G20 summit, trade, Nissan-Renault alliance, N Korea, Notre Dame


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Two leaders of very wealthy nations got together to discuss money and how to make more.

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I love a big Summit, like PM Abe. And this one between PM Abe and Macron looks promising, especially closer trade between Japan and France, investment etc.

Abe promised that Japan will help France reconstruct Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral that was partially damaged by fire last week.

This is heartwarming, and shows the love that Japan and France have always had for each other. Thank you PM Abe!

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"It's heartbreaking to see the damage done to the World Heritage site which represents the history and culture in which France takes pride,"

= "World Heritage Listings are like Olympic medals. We Japanese want to collect more of them. In the future, please continue to support us. Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu."

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By the way, Abe, Notre Dame means more to the French than being a World Heritage Site and a tourism magnet.

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I wonder if they discussed the yellow vest movement and France's export of arms to Yemen?

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Well if THIS isn't proof of J-govt's direct involvement in detaining & the on going fiasco of Carlos Ghosn then I don't know what is!

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Low popularity has only trump as a friend. Now he's greasing up to the leader with the world lowest popularity. Birds of a feather?

Two leaders of very wealthy nations got together to discuss money and how to make more.

If France is one of the richest countries in the world, the church is the richest institution in France, does that mean abe is giving our tax money to macron is some kind of...um...bribe?

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"It's important to maintain a stable alliance and strengthen it in a way that's acceptable to the parties involved," Abe was quoted 

Saikawa and the large Keinandren have Abe on strings regarding Nissan

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MR TAX meets MR Tax.

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France is almost bankrupt, why else are they asking for money from others for Notre Dame, isnt that the tax money of France paying for it

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both parties dumped ghosn. cruel and barbaric.

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Carlos Ghosn is held hostage by J government to prevent F government taking over nissan: this is cannibalism.

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Nothing will become of any discussions until Japan and France start to distance themselves form the US. the nations of the world need to stop kowtowing the US demands, US domination and ignore US sanctions etc. and form their own trade organisation without the involvement of the US. The US only has the economic, political and military strength that other nations allow; without other nations support, the US is nothing, just a drop in the bucket. Why do the nations of the globe allow themselves to be bullied and threatened by the US?

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Japan has plenty of experience renewing old buildings.  Most of the old ones here are rebuilt about every 30 years or so.

Macron with a begging bowl is such an upsetting sight.......

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REF ND, IF the fire was caused by a contractor, surly its down the the contractor to make a claim on their insurance. As for Nissan not wanting to join Renault, OK that's fine, but with out Mr Ghosn,s help, the company would have gone to the wall.

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It is a pity that Abe doesn't worry more about rebuilding all the homes and businesses that were destroyed in the earthquakes and floods than showing off and offering to help the richest religious organization in the world to fix up their building.

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