Abe, Nikai say Japan could consider joining AIIB


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 if questions surrounding projects' environmental impacts and other issues are resolved.

......including whether or not Japan might be allowed to join in the first place.

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Belt and Road will have a budget in the region of $900 billion. That's an awful lot of money and future business for Japan Inc to miss out on; Abe will be getting his orders from Keidanren soon enough...

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Refusing to accept the status quo evolved. The very reason dear leader is keen on stoking the flame for the good ol days where everyone was expected to roll over and take it like a champ.

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We have to join. We have to get away from the imploding USA and join the Chinese sphere of influence. And you can't get a piece of all that infrastructure action if you are not a member.

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What kind of Prime Minister Abe is?

He has already dragged down Japan for 5 years. How long does it take for Japan to make a decision not an option?

If Abe is waiting for China to resolve his question about the AIIB, he should forget about it. China will never resolve his question because that is his personal question he created for himself.

Let Abe wait.

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'... keep your enemies closer'

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Crawling to the cross!! Japan finally had to realize that China is now the main source of investement in regional Asia. Hard blow for Abe, who seeks to conquer China`s stance on every aspects regarding the influence in Asia! A nice acknowledgement for China from Japan:)

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bravo Abe! This guy is on fire!

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