Abe, Trump hold telephone talks on N Korean missile threat


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must have been awkward and creepy like their famous hand holding session

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Under an alliance treaty, the United States has pledged to defend Japan. Japan will ask the United States to reaffirm that commitment in high-level talks in Washington this week.

No one wants America around . . . until we're needed.

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No one wants America around . . . until we're needed.

Par for the course. Silly country.

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Kabukideath. Japan doesnt need USA for defending itself. Japan has enough plutonium for making 4000 atomic bombs plus the Epsilon Rocket (4 stage) that can be used as an ICBM Plus Japan has re-entry technology for rockets and the new Regional GPS. Its possible for Japan to make an Atomic bomb in 3 months. Japan has Stealth Submarines that cnan carry nuclear warheads if modified.

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Aug 15th. An emotional and unforgettable day for mankind. Let's hope that the Quixotic Kim Jong-un will learn something from the Chinese "assistance" to Vietnam, Kampuchea and Laos since 1950. The most dangerous threat were always the Chinese assertiveness and re-assertiveness.

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@Bluewater: Japan may have the capability to build nuclear weapons, but the Anti-War Pacifists won't allow it nor will they allow the deployment and use of such weapons, let alone the use of any military force for that matter.

Were you paying attention to what was said at the Aug 6, 9 and 15 Memorial services?

@ChinhDao: I'm glad someone here recognizes the PRC for what they are and what they are doing. Unfortunately there are many in Japan and Okinawa (as well as in this Forum) that do not perceive China as a threat.

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