Abe briefs Iranian president on plan to send forces to Middle East

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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How far can you bend article 9 Shin Kuhn? Let’s just hope this isn’t preparation for a false flag. Problem-reaction-solution.

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The only thing that Japan os sending to the Middle East is a few security guards.

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I hope the soldiers and sailors stay safe.

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An important symbolic move for me that shows a turn toward a more active Japanese Military.

And I mean active, beyond Japan’s borders.

But with so many American Navy Ships in and around there, Japan may get tangled up in with supporting allies.

You almost would think that many countries like Russia, China, etc would like to instigate a situation.

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The only thing that Japan is sending to the Middle East is a few security guards.

I agree, I see the mission as a security patrol. The article says that 90% of Japan's oil supply comes from this region so it makes sense that some security guards are needed given the recent events of hostage taking. I would feel differently if JPN was joining other missions in the area.

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just one thing, we don’t any resources for that. our top apparently has an addiction to treat random people as debt goes pile up.

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You obviously have no idea what 1. A yearly budget is. 2. Allocation of funds. Do you think funds for the Military comes from the pension system? Let me teach you. Every year a budget is approved for differemt sectors of the Gov't. Those funds are use or lose. This doesn't affect YOU in any way.

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I cannot understand why Japan is having any discussions with the leader of a pariah state. Iran is formenting trouble in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq they should be ostracised. Trump is 100% correct to have sanctioned Iran because of their nuclear ambitions.

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Iran is most likely the country to attack Japanese ships.

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Russia has its partner Iran's back. And the question remains: why has the Japanese economy remained so dependent on burning fossil fuels knowing how vulnerable that makes the nation, knowing it makes it dependent on states like Russia, Iran, the US, Saudi Arabia etc..

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With Japan and European nations all now proposing to have armed patrols in the shipping lanes, maybe a clear picture will emerge of just who are the people attacking the merchant shipping. Then they can be dealt with by any means appropriate.

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More likely to get hit by a Silkworm Missile Google Silkworm Missile

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Imported oil accounts for 40% of total Japanese energy imports. Japan is the world's largest importer of LNG. The country needs to work faster toward a fossil fuel free society.

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Japan is going into the Middle East. with the intentions of protecting his tankers. and quite right he is.

If his Tankers are attacked he will shoot back. Abe will only take so much. then he will strike.

That i am pleased to see. I would put my support in Japans court before Americas or Israel.

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Japan undertaking training for the future....

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This doesn't affect YOU in any way, really? hmmm what about that line item that comes in the mail or in paycheck called taxes. Yes it concerns all taxpayers equally, well except the mega rich, they are a barter system so they keep their money and not taxed.

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re article: : "Tokyo's plan to send naval forces to the Middle East to protect Japanese vessels"

Not my plan and as a taxpayer of many many years, this is solely and purely a plan of Abe using fancy twisting stretched wording to get HIS way not the people. All of this rukus for 1 ship that was intentionally attacked. Sorry Abe but there are many out there who are not as ignorant as you would like us to be. Japan should best stay in its own waters as the Constitution clearly expresses the boundaries of Japan in this case being the body or land waters of Japan. That area is not owned by Japan.

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Nothing like giving the keys to the Henhouse, to the Fox.

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