Abe dines with Trump; says Japan, U.S. to continue close coordination on N Korea


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Are we back to MAXIMUM PRESSURE again?

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We agreed to make the momentum created in the historic U.S.-North Korea summit in June even stronger and to continue to coordinate closely toward the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula," Abe told reporters after dining at Trump Tower.

Lol....so no more " maximum pressure" is it?

After dinner with Trump, Abe said he had a "very constructive" discussion over trade and that the two leaders will take the topic up again when meeting as scheduled on Wednesday.

Translation.....Im getting hammered but managed to get Donny to hold off tweeting about it for a day or so ...:)

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"Lol....so no more " maximum pressure" is it?"

Ahem... https://japantoday.com/category/world/pompeo-no-end-to-nkorea-sanctions-until-'denuclearization'

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Ahem... https://japantoday.com/category/world/pompeo-no-end-to-nkorea-sanctions-until-'denuclearization'

Sorry but

"We agreed to make the momentum created in the historic U.S.-North Korea summit in June even stronger 

Does not sound like " maintaing maximum pressure and no talks between Japan and NK " that Abe preached not long ago.

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They got cocky. They became rich. They built their military. They threatened the world. Now they fear their citizens getting angry and rebelling. Beginning of the end for the China we now know? Play the cards right and see the country break down a la Soviet Union.

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'Abe said Trump listened closely when he conveyed a message from family members of Japanese nationals who were abducted to North Korea in the 1970s and 1980s.'

Pardon me while I puke, here we go again ad nauseam - how about the hundreds of thousands of Koreans abducted to Japan as slave laborers and their descendants still treated like excrement with the consent of Gov't, and how about the present day abductions to Japan of thousands of kids with foreign fathers? I'll mail another dozen letters pointing out these injustices and hypocrisy to Trump and others tomorrow.

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Did he get a piece of that chocolate cake?

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un pledged to dismantle his country's major nuclear facility if the United States takes reciprocal actions, and to close its key missile test site in the presence of international experts.

And if you believe that this is his only production and test site, then you are deluded! Of course Trump will say that they are watching North Korea's hand very carefully to make sure they are doing what's expected, but as with all acts of illusion, (and everything the North says and does, is an illusion), its not what the hands are doing that you need to be worried about.

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Abe just doesn't know when to stop humilitiang himself

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