Abe eyes keeping 80-year-old Nikai as LDP secretary general


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Good, 100% support.

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Another oldie without any connections to the real world.

But that's how the Japanese government works (or not).

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Of course, it's a give in that geriatric tax payer leaches suck as much as they can. Let's move forward after people like this move on.

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No. Syntax check. You can't use the word "revamp" when you're talking about keeping an 80-year old bloke in the same job to make sure nothing ever changes.

This is a gerontocratic kleptocracy.

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*"...Abe, who heads the LDP, has said he will pick a team that can achieve political stability and tackle new challenges when he reshuffles his cabinet and LDP executives on Sept. 11..."*

Which I guess can only mean that the current lot are not achieving politcal stability and tackling new challenges, as otherwise - why the change?

I assume it's just change for changes sake, to create the illusion to a dazed public that alls well - just trust us - you don't have to concern yourselves too much.

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I am debating which politician is more worthless, this Nikai character or Mori, the former PM and now Olympic chairman.

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@Derek Grebe

The usage of the word is clear: Abe will reinstate the blood-sucking.

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Nikai, who assumed the No. 2 party post in August 2016, is largely credited with guiding the LDP to solid wins in recent national elections.

Given more credit than he deserves.

Even my grand mother would lead the LDP to solid win without doing anything. Credit should go to the apathetic media and public.

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So I'm guessing once again retirement isn't in the cards? Why? Because his metal agility goes as far as tomorrow, just the sort of thinking that has ground Japan into its current state.

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Nikai is old, but he is also very capable. Democracy only pick one or two heads, all the rest are designated, that is the nature of the govt. If you don't like it, go to the Moon.

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The LDP is like a retirement home!

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Mr Nikai must be very experienced by now that he is 80 years old but i think abe needs different generations of secretary, one at age 30, one at age 40 one at age 50 and one at age 60 and so on. Is abe really a prime-minister ???. Opinions are different at different ages .

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Experience is a bell curve 80 is at the bottom the bell curve.

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Ridiculous! Is there any wonder Japan’s economic growth has stalled in the last thirty years? All these geriatric parasites should be out in the pasture not sucking up ridiculous salaries for doing nothing. They have no idea about current politics or the current international economic climate. They are just recycling the same old corrupt crap from the 80’s and fiddling while Japan burns.

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"Another key LDP figure, policy chief Fumio Kishida, is believed to have sought the post of secretary general, but Abe will likely keep him in the current post of policy chief, according to the sources."

Abe: Look! Kishida, when Nikai dies we'll turn on the music and you can sit in the musical chair of secretary general. Until then, you will stay as policy chief. Or heck, why not be economic minister? I'll move Aso to education minister. I mean, you guys all have the background qualifications for all the positions, right?

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