Abe hails 'fresh start' to Japan-China ties after Xi meeting


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They just spent time enough with Trumpty Dumpty. And now they want a 'fresh start' -- from all that historical stuff. Y'know. Invasion. Massacre. Slavery. That kind of thing.

Trump's odiousness can accomplish much.

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Lap dog is lapping, look at me I'm freinds with really powerful people. My people are living with overwork bad foods, no ability to have children but look at me I can play golf and travel to really nice advanced countries.

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Xi doesn’t look like he wants a “fresh start”.

This article is ridiculous as it’ll have you thinking they reached some kind of wonderful peace pact.

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with the power vacuum in Washington, China can ill afford to be a pirate of the seas anymore and appears to be learning that cooperation is better than sabre rattling in light of the events in NK. However I'll believe it's true when I see it

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I hope that two countries would improve their understanding , their ties

then Asia would be peaceful and prosperous

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China to expand economic infra-structure in logistic ways by land and by sea isn't a bad conception to enrich many countries bordered, the most problematic thing always is the militarism framework China one-party regime still in action. USA is far away to well organize Asian geoplitical affairs to have this vast Pacific Ocean as a barrier and Japan of Abe administration lost directions to lead peaceful table for this too much approaches to Trump protectionist policies. The issues to be resolved will take much more time than ever with those brick head top-leaders.

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Abe: Xi, how’d you get Trump to like you so much? I gave him anything and everything he wanted and he was gone in the morning.

Xi: you gave him the milk for free, Shinzo.

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Japan and the US: Allies and Military Partners.

China and the US: A Challenging Power and Military Rival.

Perspective also matters. I can’t complain if you favor your friends and family over someone you dislike. Why wouldn’t you?

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I think what he meant was that Trump doesn't respect Abe as much because he's such a, well if in golf terms, a caddie to Trump. And Xi, well he doesn't play golf.

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they must make unremitting efforts to continue improving ties.

Let's hope that this 'agreement' isn't undermined by a cabinet minister or the PM's wife visiting Yasukuni shrine tomorrow, as is often the case.

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Is this the third or fourth fresh start?

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more of the same old smile for the cameras and hold hands and give gullible people the impression that everything is wonderful when in actuality all they are doing is wasting people’s hard earned money and ruing livelihoods.

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Is this the third or fourth fresh start?

The fourth since 2008, from a quick Google search. I may have missed some.

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What's that Chinese proverb again? "Carry a sword in a smile." And Xi is clearly exuding that.

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One of these two men is smarter than the other.

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historical stuff. Y'know. Invasion. Massacre. Slavery.

Tibet and Uighur, yes.

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Good news, a visit by Xi to Japan would be quite extraordinary and should happen. The security lockdown would be even more than when Putin and Trump came..

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tomorrow's headline

China goes nuts about ....(something Japan said or did)......

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If they can make it work good luck to them! However, excuse me if I don't get out the bunting just yet!

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