Abe has busy day, meeting 3 PMs in Slovakia; then talking trade with EU in Belgium


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Abe has busy day, meeting 3 PMs in Slovakia; then talking trade with EU in Belgium

If this is considered a "busy" day for Abe, I want him to come to my office and put in one of my days! Odds are he wouldn't last until lunch!

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Abe said he has asked for "understanding and support" on an issue that is "very important" for Japan.

"The most important issue for the international community right now is to maintain the free-trade regime," Abe told reporters

If you want to start selling your gunk in our country from 2028, you'll have to toe our line on this issue, in other words.

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Basically after the WTO ruling came down supporting the claim that Fukushima products are unsafe, inorder to maintain the ldp hold on power, he needs to go everywhere trying to hawk off these dangerous items. Good luck with that dear leader. The ldp days are numbered.

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The ldp days are numbered.

Not as long as the current system of voting stays as it is they aren't. People tend to forget that Abe really does not have any worries about elections, he comes from a district that will keep voting him in as long as he chooses to run for office.

His only worries, if you want to call it that, are keeping the different factions within the LDP happy! As long as he does that, he can damn well get away with just about anything, and proof of that is all the recent scandals, which typically would have sunk a previous PM, but Abe continues to brush off as if nothing has happened!

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Not all farm produce from Fukushima prefecture comes from contaminated land and is tested unlike the produce from the remaining prefectures. Farm produce isn't mentioned in the post.

Japan has its own restrictive practices on free trade such as control on imported rice.

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@zichi. I just came back from testing in Tokyo, Ibaraki, fukushima and Miyagi. It should be illegal to sell produce from Fukushima. Eat at your own risk. But remember it is taxpayers who subsidize your healthcare.

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Why should these countries care about a handful of people abducted last century? Probably don’t even know where NK is on a map.

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the greater area of Fukushima was not contaminated and its wrong to suggest that it was. Certainly, produce grown in contaminated towns and villages should not be sold. The produce is being tested but what about other prefectures where it is not. Contamination reached parts of other prefectures including Nagano and Gunma.

As for healthcare, I have paid in for 25 years but have rarely used it.

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Free trade, free trade, free trade, abductees..... Well I can't buy decent cheese and it's pretty obvious he has absolutely no sway on the abductees. It's no mystery why he flees the country. But I'm sure he will return to proudly to announce a tax hike. To pay for his yearly historically year on year excessive fiscal mismanagement. Although to be fair it's much easier to drive from his voting base to Asos so I guess somebody benifits...sure isn't my children or grandchildren? As a leader not so great but mediocrity is the goal in Japan.

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We have to wait 10 years for free trade cheese. I probably won't get to enjoy that.

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Hope you do Zichi, even gums can masticulate cheese? 10 years? For gods sake the Shinz talks about free trade but 10 Years to enjoy a product that JA can't/ won't supply? The man is living in an alternative universe (bubble) But I do get it, most farmers will be fertiliser before they have to stress about actually moving on and the Shinz too. It's a Japanese thing passing the buck, then passing the buck, then passing the buck.

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never mind pass the buck! pass the cheese platter!

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Didn't expect that!! Mate ever I meet you cheese Ahooooy

made me laugh cheers.

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This PM Shinzo Abe is just another populist. Good face abroad and domestically stay in power thanks by majority of his political party. His good face abroad is to manipulate more JP yens to others, who won't be happy with that? Actually, it's not from his pocket.

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Is there a billion euros in the cheese trade?

Sounds very Eastasian when talking free trade, but let’s face it:

New age new place in the league of powers.

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Why is getting hold cheese or cheeses from abroad such a problem? is there a import restriction? why does someone not see that there is an opportunity to make and distribute it in Japan? is there a shortage of cows to produce the milk? in the UK we have a glut of milk, is so cheap that farmers can't make any money from it, as for cheese, milk, yogurts, butter its plentiful here.

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Cheese is produced in Japan, mostly in Hokkaido from Hokkaido milk These are not the same as the British, French and Italian cheeses which many foreigners are more use to. They are imported with limited quotas pushing up the prices making daily purchase difficult. More foreign cheese will be allowed in but not until 2028.

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