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Abe leaves for regional summits, including meeting with Putin in Singapore


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shinzo abe: a lion at home but, a lamb everywhere else. he is fortune's fool.

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Noticed Abe's wife has been quiet recently.

She must have been told to shut her trap after the Moritomo debacle.

Abe is looking to emulate the Orange one by trying to look important..........Abe,a small word....your tie isn't long enough.

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Hows many useless trips does this individual take?

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Trump and Putin will be too busy with each other. I fear Abe will be left out in the cold. Hell, even Xi will get that chocolate cake again!

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The Abe380 flies again.

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Beautiful photo. PM Abe and Akie-chan look fabulous! Many Summits coming up, this is a super important trip. Do your best, PM Abe!

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factcheckerToday  09:02 pm JST

The Abe380 flies again.


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I thought Abe told Mr. Putin off last time and that was the end of the story.

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