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Abe meets with 4 governors over N Korean missile threat


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Ok so because these guys exchanged papers with a hanko on it and bowed a few times I'm supposed to rest easy and feel more protected?

If there's a NK missile flying at me, how would the photo shoot promising to do "your utmost" have anything to do with anything.

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My guess is that they'll just bow towards the missile and hope it hits the drink

Seriously though NK economy is something like 30 billion total. Between China SK Japan they can undermine it easily enough if the threats continue or help it in exchange for the stoppage of nuclear development

Peace is at a all time low cost, as Quark would say. Even China wants peace

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Choreographed by .. seniority, height, or compliance?

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When you're a vassal state of the US, you get put in the firing line whether you like it or not. And we wonder why the NKs want nukes?

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I'm sure that will help. not

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ahh…. international diplomacy at work…. wunnnnderful

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It seems Abe is taking the phony missile threat seriously. Or he is using it to boost his clique popularity

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Abe had to talk with these four governors because each governors prefecture was receiving missile intervention system as these four prefectures are under N Korean missile routes. The system is named PAC3 and SDF already shipped and installed. Didn't you. Guys with NHK leak news?

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Kim announced NK will shot missile to Guam water. Abe did not take a chance. Neither Guam Governor. When Trump constantly agitate Kim, and missiles went down near Japan, Abe's caution is appealable.

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elephant200: It seems Abe is taking the phony missile threat seriously. Or he is using it to boost his clique popularity

You sound like the 1930s pacifists who were claiming Hitler's "phony war" was phony and didn't take him seriously. And their government listened to them. Look what happened to Poland and France in 1939. When Hitler invaded those countries, people were crying out "How come nobody stopped Hitler and protected us?" By then it was too late.

Of course we all know that NK isn't going to invade Japan. But they may fire missiles into Japan. It's very prudent of Abe to take the missile threat seriously and put defenses in place. Better safe than sorry.

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N Korean missiles had been dropped in water near Shimane. Photo looks like Abe received a pile of papers from Shimane Governor. My guess is collection of Shimane residents' signatures topped with their plea.

(shomei Tangan sho)

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