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Abe shelves bill on retirement age of prosecutors after public pressure


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Good news

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What? They want those who made such a mess of the Carlos prosecution to stay longer? But as the prosecutors regularly block investigation about anything the elite and friends do makes sence for them. And the sham continues.

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Good! As far as I could see that was almost an evil move.

It was all self protecting and the only reason he could give was touting the “wisdom of elders”.

Quite frankly I would like a younger better educated, more modern prosectutor.

Many 65 year olds are in decline physically (and thus mentally too) and have outdated ideas on things.

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Wow! I have never seem such push back from bureaucrats and top officials before.

Usually, they toe the conservative line.

Things seem to be looking up (just a little9


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pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu among those expressing their opposition 

The killer punch.

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Many 65 year olds are in decline physically (and thus mentally too) and have outdated ideas on things.

Retirement isn't about rampant Ageism bordering on a hate crime. This episode instead seems to be telegraphing that the prosecutor is the only thing keeping them in power while he looks the other way

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Man,this news is awesome.The public standing up for themselves......seems like even the apathetic Japanese voters have had enough of the silver spoon in charge........if Japan really changed and all of the OB/OG nepotism was eradicated it would be a lovely place to live.

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News on Monday morning that the bill may be shelved resulted in a flurry of posts encouraging people to continue raising their voices to push for the bill to be scrapped entirely.

There were increasing calls for the resignation of Kurokawa amid rising speculation the government was looking to him to succeed Prosecutor General Nobuo Inada, who is likely to retire in July.

Others, including retired prosecutor Nobuo Gohara, said it was too early to relax.

"The government is planning to railroad the bill just as criticism dies down and everyone in the world is focused on lifting the state of emergency amid falling (coronavirus) infection cases," he warned.

Good...the pressure needs to be kept up until the bill is scrapped not just postponed.

This is proof though that even the most arrogant administration and PM can be stopped if enough public pressure is applied. Hope J-public remembers this going forward, if they do then maybe , just maybe their LDP overlords will stop treating them with as much contempt as they have been till now. Keep it up !

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PM Abe has also shelved changing the school year to September.

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Now what WOULD be better is force the "mandatory" 60 year old retirement age to 65!

Far too many people, beyond a prosecutor or two, are forced to "retire!" at 60, then are able to stay on until 65, but lose up to 1/3 the pay, no extra benefits, nothing, but still are expected to do the SAME job that they were doing from the very next day!

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Boom. Next Abe will be saying it's a good idea not to pursue the bill without the complete cooperation and understanding of the people, forgetting that he said it was unneeded. And once again, look at how quickly Abe acts and seeks government to act when it is something he wants vs. helping the people, or even getting his stupid masks out. TWO MONTHS since being promised assistance, we are still waiting for the applications, let alone the money. This proposal? We only first heard of it about a week ago, and it was going to be steamrolled through in record time. Good old priorities of Abe and his cohorts.

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Abe be damned!

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Hopefully the start of a groundswell movement in Japan, where The People can exercise their right and their power in a significant way.

To let this be a one time Big Showing would be such a waste.

Let the indifferent elite know that they are Servants of the Public, not Daimyos.

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Not necessarily a win- read the end of the article.

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