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About 100 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine


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Hidehisa Otsuji, a senior member of Kishida’s party, said the group prayed to the spirits of the war dead to protect Japan from the coronavirus pandemic.

if this is what the political leaders think will protect Japan from the pandemic then we should be concerned... really concerned.... clowns doing clowny things...

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Of course they do.

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Through this symbolic gate, Yasukuni Shrine, the politicians are symbolically reconnecting future and pre-War Japan.

Long live the post-War Constitution of Japan, because it is the only thing now, domestically, steering Japan towards a peaceful future.

Even the USA is urging the Japanese to rearm -- under the umbrella if US-Japan Security Pact, of course.

What I wouldn't give to listen to a 60-Minutes Program, say, interview of General Douglas MacArthur about current developments in Japan, and current US-Japan relations!

Emperor Showa ignored the right-wing politicians' visits to Yasukuni Shrine, as did Emperor Akihito. What meaning should we take from this, and will the current Emperor abstain as well?

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Tacky scumbags. They did this on purpose on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

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Why not publishing the names of all attendees, not merely a few key figures? Regardless of opinions on Yasukuni, it's worth reporting and informative to Japanese people and constituents as well.

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I was watching Apocalypse 45 the other day and it's awful what happened. Are they remembering three senseless death when they visit that shrine or something else?

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Its all the usual suspects, with the media ever willing, on hand to capture there fifteen minutes of posturing notoriety.

Most were just a flame in the parents eyes when these convicted war criminals committed atrocities that shamed a nation.

These law makers, a contradiction in terms if I every heard one, cannot or will not accept the nation, people have moved on.

The stench of the past reeking with a torrid follow my leader mentality, backward facing, yesteryear political has beans, that never were.

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What a great way to improve relations with neighbors

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Good, good!

Good luck for the new year.

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Tacky scumbags. They did this on purpose on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

thanks Randy for pointing that out as i did not know that... this just puts it at another level... sickening!

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In the movie “The big sick” the Pakistani main character (a stand up comedian) is asked by his future parents in law his stance on 9/11, and answers “of course it was terrible, we lost 19 of our best”.

Amazing to see that what was black anti-racist humor in the movie is a reality in today’s Japan, lawmakers paying respect to the Japanese dead soldiers on Pearl Harbor anniversary…

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It’s always the same people who go there everyday. So… the only way to stop them is to vote them out or something

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Irrational fascists. Don't try to understand them.

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So often what's so called war criminals and terrorist are HEROS in their homeland.

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Does anyone if members of Unit 731 are in the Yasukuni Shrine?

If you do not know what Unit 731 is, please go get educated so know why the Chinese get so bent out of shape.

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100 lawmakers celebrating the date of Japan's cowardly attack on Pearl Harbour which started the Pacific war and lead to the deaths of millions of people. Morons.

I hope the descendants of the US servicemen who died on this day file a formal complaint.

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Japan grew beautiful without them but they cannot let go

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If they have time for this, they should go and visit some poor people and see how they are getting on.

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What should we do in a pandemic?

Move around and gather in large groups-comedy Japanese style.

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In any other country people in their position would have an understanding of the perception such acts have in the wider world and what unnecessary damage it does to the country and its standing in the world, Japanese so called law makers are so insular and ignorant of anything outside Japan and their own petty political careers that it probably doesn’t even impinge on their minds.

Calling them law makers is right as though elected they probably don’t represent the modern Japanese persons views (I hope).

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Interesting. Visiting on the anniversary of the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and began a war which presented only defeat and the slaughter of millions of Japanese soldiers and civilians. A war waged by individuals with a conscience similar to those visiting the shrine.

Akin to visiting  the Bitburg military cemetery, which includes the graves of 47 SS soldiers, members of the Nazi elite guard.

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I don't see the big deal. There are more than 2 millions of names enshrine there who died for their country. Lawmakers making a prayer for their sacrifice is not that big of a deal considering this is a practice done for more than century. Even korean and taiwanees soldiers who died for japan are also enshrine there. The point is that these men and women follow orders and did everything they could for Japan in times of war. Whether they were good or bad, they died anyway and had serve their nation. You don't spit on that kind of sacrifice.

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Yes, that news is just now anywhere drawing international outcries and massive flak, of course only from the same strange people who otherwise always loudly demand freedom of religion as a human or constitutional right. Unbelievably schizophrenic…and it’s all not even their cup of tea at all. They should care about themselves, that alone would very well fill their everyday workload.

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Randy JohnsonToday  05:25 pm JST

Tacky scumbags. They did this on purpose on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

LOL...no they didn't. They went on Tuesday Dec 7 in Japan, which is Dec 6 in the U.S.

Besides, The POTUS and J-PM attended a Pearl Harbor Memorial Service together in 2016.


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Does anyone if members of Unit 731 are in the Yasukuni Shrine?

If you do not know what Unit 731 is, please go get educated so know why the Chinese get so bent out of shape.

Most of them were hung and their ashes scattered around Siberia.

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