Aso, Kono meet to discuss LDP leadership race


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I’m good with Kono.

At lesst he speaks English yo!

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This is the meeting where they assemble to decide who has paid enough dues to become PM. They could ask the public, but since when have they cared about that? The other people crying for their 1.5 years at the job? They’ll be promised a turn down the road if they give in, and also a position in the new cabinet that they don’t have now. Finance Minister must become the Minister of Agriculture, and that Minister move to another ministry, and so on.

and don’t Suga ACTUALLY say he’s decided to run again?

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That is one fine suit! And the hat!

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If Aso is the leader of Kono's faction it means Kono has to do what Aso says, mmm not bad. Maybe Kono is not that bad option after all.

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Seriously, I have a suit just like that.

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The tie is a perfect Windsor knot, the tailored fit luxury shirt.

Does Finance Minister Taro Aso in all honesty have a slightest inkling into the tribulations this pandemic had wreaked upon J people, the effect to the electorate?

Not on your chinny chin chin.

And yet Taro Kono, the minister in charge of Japan's vaccination efforts has taken it upon himself to politically flatter, fawn and curry favor with this gaff prone right wing relic.

Heaven knows what's come down the chute.

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At least he graduated from a reputable univerisity, speaks English, and has lived overseas. For a Japanese PM, that alone is progress.

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Whatever ones opinion of Finance Minister Taro Aso personally or politically, his suits are perfectly tailored, and he has a sense for hat etiquette.

What below the hat and above the suite is another matter altogether

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He makes Suga look like an altar boy.

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The concrete inherited mogul meets the us educated ( whatever that means after Kabul)

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As I said before, locked in, Kono has been selected and will be next PM.

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It takes a lot of mommy’s and daddy’s money to buy a suit that nice.

One of my favorite things about Japan is how entrenched in politics certain families are. It happens in the US, too, but nowhere near the degree it happens here.

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The Nomad not sure what interviews you've seen of Kono but he is extremely fluent in English and has very good overall pronunciation too, I've definitely heard worse. Georgetown University is a Top 25 college in the US, Go Hoyas!

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I had a dream ….

Japon elected a woman as PM

some will comment nightmare for sure

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The way Japanese politics works it really is more like the mafia dons than a democracy. So why not dress like it!

Got to say though that suit still looks better than the one fat boy Kim was photographed wearing!

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Young Koizumi for new Prime-minister of Japan.

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It’s a well-made suit and hat, and I don’t see why his choice of fashion is such a concern. Kono is trying to drum up political support, so the meeting is a good idea.

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Let's go Kono-san, good luck! Aso is a stud, rockin the fedora!

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If he's going to play the role of King-maker, then he's got to dress like one.

This could be The Tale of Two Taro's, what could possibly go wrong....

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People hating, but that hat is pimp. Unfortunately the dude under it, is not.

I guess you can be a baller when you been embezzling funds for decades.

Aso, Kono meet to discuss LDP leadership race

Meet for what?

They can't have their little chat on facetime?

What are they even talking about? Who's the bigger waste of time as leader?

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If you think yourself as going to go down in history as a super famous historical guy, I guess it makes sense to try to dress good.

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Kono leans toward keeping nuclear energy and male imperial lineage.

He needs to say those things right now to get the support of conservatives within the factions. As do Kishida and Takaichi....at this moment he is the best chance at at least some kind of a reform, out of the three.

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ToshihiroToday  05:36 pm JST

People may hate him, but he sure does dress very well.

He dresses very well if it were the 1960s. But it's not. And considering his complete lack of qualifications to be in politics at all, other than being born into a poltical family with a silver spoon in his mouth, I think he looks like a clown in that get up.

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Sounds promising, but then Abe promised structural reforms but in the end just spent and printed money.

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Kono leans toward keeping nuclear energy and male imperial lineage.


History in the making, NOT!

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People may hate him, but he sure does dress very well.

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That suit probably cost more than a worker's monthly salary...

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rare to see a Japanese politician smile. dude definitely was wads of those new ichi man en in his pocket...

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On Thursday, Kono met with Finance Minister Taro Aso, who heads the LDP faction he belongs to, to seek backing for the bid. Neither Aso nor Kono spoke to reporters after their meeting.

'Aso the Fixer'

That is is just how it works 8n a democracy I suppose. Though if the head of the ruling party was like a Makia kingpin I wish he wasn't a manga living Nazi sympathizer.

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Goddamn I hate Aso but he always dresses so cool.

He must really enjoy his manga.

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This is exactly what’s so wrong with Japan, idiot old men who if they had a functioning brain would be retired in comfort decades ago. But NO they love their meetings to decide the next PM in their club house. You/us the public can’t be involved it’s a old man decision. It has retarded Japans growth as a nation and will continue to do so.

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Aso “two times” Taro!!

“I’m gonna get the papers, get the papers”

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They need to select the next PUPPET!!!

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Kono belonging to the Aso-faction, he needs to take his orders.

Aso: *Here are "your" ideas, "your" policies and "your" speeches. Do not mess this up. You do not want to disappoint me.*

Kono: I...I won't, Sir.

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Aso? Oh dear lord...

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