Aso repeats controversial comment on sexual harassment


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Only opens his mouth to change feet. This buffoon suffers from athelete's tongue. What an aho.

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Wasn't he PM for like a week?

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What a moron. Why is he still in his job? Condoning his comments is disgusting.

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I was told that one of the most important skill to master in japan is to "read the air".

I'm very surprised the number 2 of the government can't do it.

But indeed, he is a number 2...

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In that photo he is wondering "which fedora am I gonna wear tonight???"

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"There is no such thing as a sexual harassment charge," the 77-year-old former prime minister said

while adding he has no intention of tolerating sexual harassment.

Square THAT circle.

She also said Aso belongs to a generation that has not learned about sexual harassment and has "a totally different perception" from that of her generation.

NOW THAT is what I call diplomatic language.

In August, Aso came under fire for comments that seemed to defend Adolf Hitler's motive behind the genocide of Jews by Nazi Germany.

Gee. I wonder why..

"Hitler, who killed millions of people, is no good even if his motive was right," he said.

His motive was to exterminate the Jews. It was called the FINAL SOLUTION. Was Aso saying that was right?

Aso later said he meant to give an example of a bad politician but retracted the remark.

he meant to give an example of a bad politician?? Mate just look in the mirror.

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A deputy PM doubleling as a Finance minister who is living in a world we are not he, can't organise his own retirement let alone the Economy. Now steps into sexual harassment just to reinforce his stupid ideas, smoking has done no harm to him, groping women is apparently OK? Nazis were on the right track, shooting refugees is acceptable. Is there a redeeming feature about this man?

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Sexual harassment perpetrators can be charged with sexual assault, rape or libel in Japan.

But cannot be charged with sexual harassment?

So I guess Aso is right!

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Sexual harassment perpetrators can be charged with sexual assault, rape or libel in Japan.

Rape??? I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge of Japanese criminal law is limited, but I feel that there is no overlap between sexual harassment and rape. Both terrible, no question, but to my way of thinking, these are on entirely different levels.

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 I wonder why JT continues to push this angle...

One sincere piece of advice, don't ask questions like this about JT, you will soon see your posts disappear.

JT constantly finds the need to remind people about the need to beat a dead horse and to pile more crap on top of an already crappy story.

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Surely Aso is overdue for the retirement home? 70 at the latest should be mandatory retirement age for all politicians.

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This sounds pretty damning. If the allegations are true, they are pretty disgusting too. Sounds pretty sadistic.

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lets not go overboard, he made some inappropriate comments. so rap him tell him not to do it again and move on. man these women are starting to bring their babies to diet sessions getting a little overboard IMO

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"There is no sexual harrassment charge, women are there for men to do what they like with. That's their purpose in life. It makes them happy."

T. Aso

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I thought it stood "retracts" controversial comment instead of "repeats". This is just getting out of control. Is Japan being governed by a bunch of babbling baboons?

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As Noda has been quoted as saying, Aso is from a generation where men felt they had the right and entitlement to do whatever they damn well please to women, he is far too old now for his mind to ever be changed. I'd imagine his resignation would only come about if Abe himself made the decision he had to go but I can't see that happening any time in the near future.

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OMG! Top comment (from kyushubill) made me laugh so hard. "Opened his mouth to change foot." Buahahaha! :D

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Pro Tips: Ask a lady to dinner and dancing/show before asking to touch her breasts. This assumes she actually accepts the date FIRST.

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I hardly think Noda Seiko is once to criticize - she should get off her high horse. I doubt whether she thinks highly of women either, considering her thoughts on women enslaved and sexually abused.

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This is the behavior of someone who feels no need to be accountable to the public, because he is neither nominated, financed, elected nor dependent on the public in any way. I wonder how would Aso's behavior be different if he had to be directly elected by the people, like it is in the US, as oppose to be appointed through a party list?

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Taro Aso is still in high office, primarily because Taro Aso leads 'Shikokai' the second-largest faction, some 60 members within the LDP.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a member of the leading faction lead by Hiroyuki Hosoda a further 96 members. Both these faction offer solid support for Shinzo Abe continued Presidency and Premiership. Aso resignation will invariably lead to Abe departure.

Finance Minister Taro Aso disdainful coarse insensitivity, displays a basic lack of social behaviour towards women. Vice Finance Minister Junichi Fukuda alleged crude vulgarity, "Can I touch your breasts?" from a senior official in public office, is astonishing discourteous demeaning rudeness.

Finance Minister Taro Aso timing is remarkable in its imprudent carelessness.

The political, diplomatic, and economic consequences are unpropitious as geopolitical events, the Trump administration will tighten the screws for the Abe Government when entering talks for a bilateral free trade agreement in June. Adding to the Pyongyang, US summit looming,offering no guarantee that the proceedings will be favourable for this ruling government, embroiled in one sandal after another.

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Technically he is correct. You can not charge a person with sexual harassment in Japan, it's not defined as a crime in the criminal code.

Much like you can't charge someone for being a jerk, not that being a jerk is to be condoned, but it's not a criminal offence.

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Aly RustomMay 8  05:00 pm JST

She also said Aso belongs to a generation that has not learned about sexual harassment and has "a totally different perception" from that of her generation.

The generation most responsible for Japan's gradual slide into political and economic irrelevance. The sooner guys his age are removed from public "service" and corporate governance, the better for the country.

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I’m aporoaching this from a different angle. I know a Japanese women who was violated. It took over a decade before she could even talk about it. She has never had any inclinations of reporting or mentioning it again.

This in my opinion nurtures a sick environment where perpetrators get away with their liberal volition. The silence fosters this and possibly nurtures this environment. Easier said than done, but reporting contributes to the protection of future victim.

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Not just the silence but the chorus of male voices telling women what constitutes abuse/harassment/assualt etc.

And the (usually male) response for women to calm down/stop being hysterical/overreact/lead men on/know what they're getting into/setting up men ...etc.

The sneering, the dismissals, the sheer hatred and misogyny directed towards women. This is prevalent in many, many societies - not just in Japan. It pervades all social strata and every nook and online cranny.

Something's got to give.

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He is old enough to understand that in his generation everything was that way of men's freedom. He was trying to explain many things changed with generations and he is tired to hear all those issues didn't appear when he was young and now many things became illegal and scandals but he doesn't care much. Well, better think that he is retarded enough to stay in his position when everyone has to accept this changing time, for better or for worse. For me, I'm old enough to find the ways to accept the changes naturally, people like him doesn't.

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There are sexual harassment cases in Japan but like the US they are generally handled through Equal Employment or Labor Standards acts. The law only treats unwanted sexual advances as illegal when it is either quid pro quo (e.g. to keep/get your job) or it creates a hostile work environment. Anything involving unwanted sexual advances from strangers or random people off the street you would call a lawyer rather than the police because it is a civil rather than criminal offense.

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what a colossal blithering idiot

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As an American I can say our leaders only say what they feel will not hurt them. At the end of the day, he has to feel there are no repercussions for this type of talk, which is as sad if not sadder than his actual comment.

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...and reduced his retirement benefits.

I wonder how much they are in comparison to us little people.

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