Aso urges G20 to renew commitment against protectionism

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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"Protectionism and unfair trade practices lead to instability and perverse economic outcomes. We must renew our commitment to international cooperation and openness," Aso said.

778% tariff on imported rice = international cooperation and openness.

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Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso on Thursday urged the Group of 20 major economies to renew their commitment to cooperation in the face of rising protectionism.


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Plastic monkey,

You took the words right out of my mouth.It beggars belief that he can stand there and lecture the world about being against protectionism.Just go into any Japanese supermarket and checkout the prices of domestically produced fruits,veggies and dairy products.

i guess when your own economy is shrinking at a rate of nearly 500,000 people a year even Aso has to do something.

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Say what??? The Japanese agricultural industry is built on protectionist policies.

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Aso warned that protectionism and unfair trade practices would undermine economic stability

Wow, Japan is an old boys club, how could he say this with the straight face?

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That's a howler. Japan got to where it is today economically through protectionism.

None of the major economic powers relied on open market policies to become major economic powers.

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Comedy gold from the octogenarian pickled lizard in the funny hat!

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Japan lobbying AGAINST protectionism? That is like vegetarians lobbying gains vegetables...

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Double talk with a double standard for sure... but then, ALL nations/countries do some form of protectionism...

The very ideal of open trade or free trade seems like a good goal or objectives for all trade, but then they are not necessarily practicable or pragmatic for the economic "survival" and growth of any nation/country.

The idea of being "fair" and mutually beneficial trade may be much more workable for all concerned and there must be some form of "protection" in place by each nation/country.

It may be better to term extreme and excessive, unfair, and outright destructive trade policies that benefit only that country with some other name or terminology. Or may be there is one already..?

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And yet Nissan wants to buy back it's shares from Renault, which is always hinted in the local media here..

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He is upset that counties are saying no to radioactive Japanese food and cars.

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Yeah, that's funny. Is Aso the kettle or the pot? Retire already.

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How does he keep a straight face when he says that!

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"Aso urges G20 to protect Japan's protectionism"

Fixed it.

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Absolutely brilliant posts all of you! Just want to say I agree wholeheartedly.

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In other words,

"Please give us unrestricted access to your markets while we protect our own"

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Remember they get to simply ignore hypocrisy away. Like magic, gone!

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Protectionism and unfair trade practices lead to instability and perverse economic outcomes. We must renew our commitment to international cooperation and openness," Aso said.

Lol...Friday night comedy arrived early...gold.

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Next to China and North Korea, Japan is the most mercantilist country in the world! Aso and Japan in general have absolutely no business lecturing anyone on free trade!

Excuse me while I laugh.

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Japan is shameless, the most protectionist economy in the world telling the world about open markets.. lol

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Who is he to say?

Take care of your own business first!Guess he is just another one who is suffering from "old-age-disease".

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Mr Aso, protectionism is a bit like an accent, isn't it? You don't have an accent, the guy who comes from somewhere else does. He's the guy with an accent.

Japan doesn't do protectionism . . .

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The trick with international relations is to say more useful things and fewer dumb things

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His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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Aso urges G20 to renew commitment against protectionism

Is this a joke?

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Thank you all. My thoughts exactly. I hope the foreign media read our comments, what expats in Japan are saying.

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