Brexit Britain may struggle to improve Japan-EU free trade deal

By William Hollingworth

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Brexit Britain may struggle to betterJapan-EU free trade deal.

Somehow, I dont think so


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Somehow, I dont think so

why Japan has far more trading leverage over the UK than the EU. why would Japan give the UK lower or better free tariffs on goods than that of the EU, EU market is far bigger for Japan.

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People have great respect for Britain. Every schoolchild knows the birthplace of the English language and they all are told of the benefits of its mastery. I am constantly amazed at how average people react to me and my Jaguar rolling down the street ( high street folks are snobs and don't want little ol' me behind the wheel ). Basically, the Japanese love all things British, and those countries of Great Britain - primarily England- are often their first choices for overseas study or vacation.

Personally, me, i feel that paying thru the nose for imported cheese may be healthy ( in that i can't go overeating the stuff) but i sure don't wanna hand over hard -earned cash on extortionary pricing. It makes me sick when i see it. So i buy economy priced New Zealand, pizza type cheese ( now that will make me fat!) . I want some of that orange stuff that's older than my wine...aged cheddar!

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Lee-Makiyama doubts the European Union will redistribute a share of those quotas to Britain and it is unlikely Tokyo will grant new quotas to Britain unless it can get something in return.

"If you are in the British dairy or agricultural sector, to put it bluntly, you have been thrown under a bus," he explained.

I think this Makiyama chap is missing something, the EU will be in no position to "redistribute a share of those quotas". The EU can do whatever they want with their quotas, they can not influence any other's.

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