Tokyo reports 201 coronavirus cases; Cabinet Office reports 3rd case


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Well, judging by pictures of government meetings, assemblies, etc highlighting zero social distancing in the past few months, this comes as absolutely no surprise.

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Now we should see some real action. Naugh, I was day dreaming again.

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No social distancing. No wonder the virus is spreading so fast.

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Who is it? Mori?

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Both had yet to be tested for the virus. Public health centers in their towns would decide depending on their conditions, it said.

The point of testing is to test before they develop symptoms, not afterwards.

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Viruses are no respecters of power or position. Something all governments and corporate managers need to remember.

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Over 200 new Covid19 cases in Tokyo today.

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End the state of emergency by SOE by May 6th? Yeah right....good luck with that. That's like Trump saying everything will be okay by Easter...

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Keeping truth for selfish interests is deadly. Many people wants to prove they are the only one correct by manupulating truth. Now, see what happens ???. I hope the whole Japanese cabinet do not have to be hospitalised then the beds will be really short.

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New record new cases everyday. How many new cases will it take for them to realize that what they are doing is not working?

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Currently, I feel glad to be in Japan. If Japan had been vulnerable then number of cases would have already risen.

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Currently, I feel glad to be in Japan. If Japan had been vulnerable then number of cases would have already risen.

That's true. They've been talking about this explosion for months, yet it hasn't happened.

-8 ( +6 / -14 )

201 today...tomorrow will be like "hold my beer"

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Just to stay home for 2 weeks, any problem with that? I can image why not, people are not serious. More images of infected and death images will change their minds. I stay home, much and much safer...

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Maybe if Abe gets it, he’ll send me more masks and money.

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Do the hustleToday 07:15 pm JST

''New record new cases everyday. How many new cases will it take for them to realize that what they are doing is not working?''

I think, and this just my personal opinion, that in the attempt to hold on to the Olympics they (Japanese Government) committed to the Herd Immunity strategy.

Remember Hokkaido was being hit at that time, but declared it's own state of emergency, no doubt in the weeks since the Olympics were cancelled the virus has spread extremely widely, but thankfully, and for whatever reason we are not seeing massive death tolls.

Either way, we have no way of knowing the numbers of spread until testing is done on a large scale, and we know there is no intention to do that.

I'm not of a fan of the course we are on.

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Does not seem like the exponential explosion of cases that so many on this site predicted.

Oh wait, that's coming tomorrow... as it has been for the last 4 months.

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Reported US coronavirus deaths:

Feb. 15: 0 deaths

Mar. 15: 65 deaths

Apr. 15: 30,844 deaths

We’re extremely lucky China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany, and Northern European countries have a strain that is claimed to be different from that of Italy and the US.

-1 ( +6 / -7 )

The only thing growing exponentialy is the pointless of this whole exercise.

-6 ( +3 / -9 )


May I ask you to share the evidence - reliable links - of these so-called 3 different strains, and why one is there and not there?

I am sorry, but this clearly stinks like a horrible hoax.

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GogogoToday  04:36 pm JST

“Who is it? Mori?”

Why in the world would you confuse an official in his50s with the 82-year-old former prime minister?

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your masks are arriving soon...

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Tokyo reported an additional 201 cases of coronavirus infections on Friday for a total 2,796, Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike said. It was the city's highest number for a single day.

The overseas media focus and dominant discourse are shifting from accumulative case numbers to death toll as well as recovery number. To date 56 have died, 52 recovered in Tokyo.


Meanwhile, 10,367 have died in NYC. If Tokyo is to follow NYC in 2-3 weeks, the daily toll of more than 500 would have to be reported.

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When 60% of a population get the virus and immunity, that’s the end of the cycle.

At that pace, 180 more years needed for Tokyo.

Or 60 years if we believe three times more are infected

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ICU beds in the major prefectures were at 80% capacity already a few days ago. In-hospital infection rates are terribly high. Osaka is asking for raincoats. Do you really believe that ¥100,000 and two small cloth face masks will result in a good outcome?

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Tokyo reported an additional 201 cases of coronavirus infections on Friday for a total 2,796, Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike said. It was the city's highest number for a single day.

Why for Christ sake is the number of test not stated, is it a ploy not to reveal the true picture of the infection rate or the test numbers are deemed not important by the media.

Every media outlet out there states the numbers of new infections which i think is deceptive because since the numbers are extremely low most people end up with the impression that measures being taken are working and Japan is being spared the massive infection shown in Europe and the U.S

On the Monday April 13, just 354 Test was performed in Tokyo and 91 confirmed cases.

it is just logical to think the number of infected cases in Tokyo alone is more than one hundred thousand judging from the lack of measures not put in place until recently and mass transit still running though not as packed like before.

As seen in other countries with lockdowns, this virus has shown that if measures are not taken very early and it is widespread in the system there is no stopping it, and it is only with massive testing that the true state of infection can be known. At the current testing rate it is as if we are in an airplane being piloted by a blind.

if countries like Uzbekistan, UAE, Hongkong, South Africa are testing more than Japan, you know there is a problem. For how long will this deceit or should I say feel-good at the low numbers go on? that is the million dollar question. This Virus has shown that no country is special not even well prepared and efficient Germany has been spared.

Testing is minimal coupled with the lack of data on pneumonia deaths and overall death rate leaves everyone except a few in the government in the blind and only guessing.

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"The move allows local municipalities to urge people to stay inside, but without punitive measures or legal force."

And yet the government will feign shock and disdain when it's 500 next week, saying, "We can't understand. We have asked them to kindly stay home, except on busy morning trains, in offices, and other work situations where it can't be helped, and the virus has also been asked to cooperate for the sake of the economy. So, we just don't get it!"

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There will never be an exploration of cases in Japan since the PRC test processing is centralized and since they are performing more test there just creating backlog. They are filed under confirming in the data (category which shows type of care IE. serious, mild, etc) You will see an explosion of death however in the coming days.

In a week Japan will have more cases and deaths them South Korea who many on this platform saw as a problem that was getting out of hand. Now Korea has for weeks had less cases daily then Japan but still no explosion.

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number of test performed by municipality is very high but they are not getting processed for results.

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Death toll are counted only if you died after being tested positive and in the hospital. Other countries are now adjusting since many never made in the hospital ie. NYC.

People who are so forgiving of there own country while criticizing other nations are actually hurting their own people.

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Viruses don’t care if your a member of a government or not, good! As can be seen in the UK with Bo Jo getting corona.

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For all the doubters:

Logic says that you can't have an explosion of reported cases if hospitals are refusing patients from ambulance drivers, and hospitals are not testing people.

Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge


As drlucifer wrote, "The known trend with this virus is that ramping up testing reveals a spike in infections. Not testing and being content with a low number of infections is self deceit."

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She lied long enough wish she would just resign...

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