China, Japan defense ministers agree to work together on N Korea


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"Some Japanese conservative lawmakers, however, have called on Abe not to invite Xi to Japan, as political unrest in Hong Kong has continued unabated and Beijing has shown no sign of acceding to demands by pro-democracy protesters."

Hahaha, really ? Based on which laws ?

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Based on which laws ?

Maybe based on human decency?

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China has its hands on the pulse of N. Korea.

Without them North Korea would not exist today.

Having good relations with China can prevent North Korea from doing something stupid or being too aggressive against Japan.

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Until the next manufactured outrage on one side or the other.....

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I do not know what they want to "agree" on, seeing that NK is a Chinese client. Fundamentally, nothing will change in NK as long as China supports the regime.

While Japan wants the NK regime to change, China does not. So where is the agreement?

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"While Japan wants the NK regime to change, China does not. So where is the agreement?"

There can't be any agreement based on the forcible regime change effort, NK is not trying to change the regime in Japan, so what is the Japan's right to change regime in NK or anywhere else. If there was no push by USA and few others for the regime change NK would not need to Nuclearise or even have such big military. By threatening them since the armistice the haters are forcing them to militarize for the fear of invasion like in Libya, Irak and so many others.

Kono said he urged China to create a "good environment" for Xi's planned visit while also conveying that the current unrest in Hong Kong should be resolved through peaceful dialogue.

How can one resolve peacefully when confronted by terror practicing violent hooligans with illogical demands and intention to split the country for the sake of foreign interests.

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