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China, Japan pledge to forge closer ties at 'historic turning point'

By Norihiko Shirouzu and Philip Wen

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someone please send Kono some laxatives so he won't have that look on his face anymore

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If anyone is interested China's belt and road project is Inside China's mega-project that is linking 70 countries across Asia, Europe, and Africa. ... The main focuses of the "Belt and Road" initiative — also known as "One Belt, One Road" — are in infrastructure, transportation, and energy.

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Trump can bring even the worst of enemies together.

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Abe is corrupting Japan one day at a time, 10% GST, high debts, sell out to China

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Japanese politicians a gurning competition in China now?

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Nothing is historic unless the US is involved

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@Dango bong

The US dealt itself out. That is what America first means.

Can't have it both ways.

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Where is the president. His absence speaks volumes... US is a fool to allow this to happen.

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Why does Taro Kono face pose, looks like something out of the Muppet Show?

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Abe said it right: from competition to co-existence. The attitude has changed, next step is to let people make love. There will be no shortages of anything, potential is huge, capacity is unlimited, the east is always where the sun rises first.

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The real question is whether Japan bucks up against Japan and points out the fact that Taiwan is an independent nation, entirely independent from China.

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The business numbers are really modest for this trip. A currency swap the only billion deal?

But anyways uphill here they go.

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Not misleading at all. I'm just telling you from knowledge of my friends, as you tell people your opinion which completely goes against what I can see of the people I know.

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@Christopher Lowery: China never forgets also the huge role that Japan played in Chinese economic development. Go to read some articles in the Global Times, that show how China openly admits that without the immense economic support from Japan, China couldn't be the superpower that became today. So, I am not sure why you are implying China memory is based only on the bad things that Japan did to China. Do you think that the US became the number one superpower, by creating only perfect win-win situations? Of course, no. Overall, I don't think how China is acting around the world is really worse than how the US acted to pursue their hegemony worldwide for decades.

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It's obviously a reaction to Trump trade policy. Their cooperation will not go very far unless Trump pushes Japan too far.

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Wow. Abe really screwed japan and America over. Very low.

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China will be crapping all over Japan again in no time.

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China and Japan on Friday pledged to forge closer ties as both countries stood together at an "historic turning point",

I don't have Cristal Ball in my front desk. So how long it will last?

I hope they will not destroy Japanese own property and Japanese car in future by the Government back thugs.

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Just forget human rights and the treatment of minorities like the Uighur Muslims, concentrate only on money, and never go against China

Terrible terrible pact

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This is truly a historical turning point except it is not going to be long lasting. As long as Trump leads America, the relationship between Japan and China will look good. China needs Japan to help lower their economic burdens. Aside from Japan, other willing countries to help China are not in an economic position to do so. By helping China at such times is necessary as that China will not regard Japan as an enemy anytime soon as long as they remember that Japan betrayed American expectations to help China in times of need. Certainly, Japan and China cannot become allies as long as China have ambitions on claiming the Senkaku as their own. However, the CCP is a dictatorship regime and for that matter, not bringing up differences or disputes while seeking help from a competitive rival is perfectly fine. If Chinese nationals protest, they will get arrested. Therefore, while it lasts, this short-lived good ties between Japan and China shall be enjoyed. Also to note, Japan need not pay attention to human rights of Chinese people in China as that those are the same people who wants Japan crushed and destroyed. In short, what matters is that Chinese leaders want to be buddy buddy with Japan in such times. Japan should focus on maintaining good relationship with China. This is very essential to long lasting regional stability and the ever-lasting effect of a prosperous economy. Ganbatte!!

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If Abe and Xi can make Japan and China good neighbors then the Golden Asian Century will commence in earnest.

The region will then enjoy lasting peace and unbridled economic prosperity.

Both men will then win the Nobel Peace Prize ahead of Donald Trump and Robert De Niro.

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