China, Japan seek warmer ties against backdrop of U.S. trade friction

By Linda Sieg

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I read an Editorial on the Global Times about it. It's clear that China is ready to embrace Japan. They say China isn't in search of revenge for the past, they want a future oriented relationship with Japan, and both the Countries can learn from each other. In Western media I always see implications about how China is still upset for WWII and it could invade Japan if the US weren't occupying it. It's impressive how different can be the things written in Chinese mass media and Western mass media.

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Japan and China have more than 3000 years relationship both economically and diplomatically. The relationship is always beneficial and family like, except during war time. At the end of war, China refused to occupy Japan as retaliation. Why would China want to invade Japan now ? All theories that China hates Japan so much are purely propaganda. Japan isn't stupid, China isn't stupid, the world isn't stupid.

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Chinese mass media is wholly state controlled, so spouts what ever is the party line this week. Communist party policy can flip flop according to internal needs, the same media could (as it has in the recent past) be castigating Japan for not “fully atoning for its wartime actions” and stiring up the hate again.

The communist party’s current charm offensive towards Japan is a cynical opportunistic ploy to try and undermine the existing alliances that are frustrating their expansionist dreams of dominance.

Were they to achieve their goals then it would be back to bullying and oppressing their neighbours; Japan would be treated no differently than Tibet.

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Abe has to endure that photo of Mao, maybe the world's worst ever mass murderer? And China has built within 3 years a "reeducation" center in western China for people who "do not think right", according to this morning's news. You can see a picture of the before/after area on google maps where the center was built in the desert. All this to say I just do not trust China's leader.

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If the leaders of both countries put away their egos and treat others as friends things would definitely move forward. There are hundreds of thousands of students and other immigrants moving to Japan and this will not stop. Hope they do focus on their jobs and future of both countries.

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This is a bad development. None of us want to see this happens. Any improvement of China-Japan relationship is detrimental to Japan-US relationship. We would rather see Japan follow the steps of US by imposing tariff of at least 100% on ALL Chinese imports, and cutting off all communications with China. US trade war against China is good for Japan and Japan must support it and must act in coordination with Trump Administration.

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If China's government were better this would be a non-issue. Japan needs to be cautious because China has been known to appropriate innovative technology that others make by offering cheap manufacturing labor etc. Then shutting them out and trying to take the place of their competitor.

China's goal is to become a leader in technology, electronics, etc. Hell they've even copied Japans anime style because they want to take over even that. There is even a PS4 knock off that was recently made because Sony manufactured the systems in China... And China has a law that blueprints must be given to the manufacturer... yeah nothing shady about that at all....

I'm trying to say you have to watch your back with China, they lack credibility, and are known for being two-faced to get what they want.

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Copying is inevitable. Look at the Ducati 900SS and the Yamaha TRX 850 and tell me it’s not copied. Harley Davidson Sportster XL883L and Honda’s Shadow RS. Ducati Monster and the Honda VTR. Seiko copies Rolex. UNIQLO copies Patagonia. Gibson guitars, Jim Beam Whiskey, the Eiffel Tower and so on. The list is endless.

Japan is known as THE copycat but they recreate and refine products. China is known for copying a product and making its production cost effective and availability affordable. With the US as the designer, it’s hard to beat this team of all stars. The three should collaborate. Think of the results!

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You don't have to think of the results, we have the results.

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China, Japan seek warmer ties 

It won't go too far. They are incompatible.

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quercetumOct. 25  11:23 pm JST

Japan is known as THE copycat but they recreate and refine products. China is known for copying a product and making its production cost effective and availability affordable. With the US as the designer, it’s hard to beat this team of all stars. The three should collaborate. Think of the results!

Incorrect. Japan was known as the copycat since they were copying anything western ever since the Black ships arrived in the mid 1800s. This image stuck right into WWII when the US military were shocked to discover that the first Mitsubishi Zero captured in the Aleutians wasn't a copy of a western plane. Yet the stereotype remained throughout the 1950s/early 60s until NASA started using SONY televisions. Today we know the Japanese practice of imitating/copying, analyzing then producing something better of the past has evolved to the point that Japanese product R&D is at the front end.

In sharp contrast China is known for copying a western (as well as Japanese) product at lower specs and costs. Worst is the enormous counterfeit production that goes on much of it being backdoor production of Chinese OEM factories.

Chinese tourists visit Japan to buy crateloads of Japanese products. Japanese tourists, or any other nationalty for that matter do not flock to China to buy Chinese made products.

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