Diet to debate second extra budget for pandemic relief next week

By Yoshifumi Takemoto and Leika Kihara

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No debate it's already decided. Corporate welfare, meanwhile tax payers are waiting for a tiny set of masks, and a small amount of compensation. .if you can get it. Stimulus doesn't seem to trickle down. A nice expensive suit has pockets that can hold trillions. Got to get one of those.

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Still waiting for an answer to a question I've asked so many times before. "Who is getting the money???"

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Over 10 days ago the form was sent, yet no money, and the masks must be lost in the post!

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"Small businesses need support. Also a shorter form than the 90 page one."

Please tell me you're joking.


"Who is getting the money???"

Asking the real questions here.

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The money? Where's it going? Who the hell knows apparently it's really important to collect it, not so important to explain tell us how it's spent. Transparcy accountability not words the bueacatics LDP are aware of. Believe the term is Shogani.

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I got the masks, I got the money. The form took 30 seconds to fill.

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Have there been too many debates in the Diet about the second extra budget for pandemic relief? Regarding funding businesses and individuals due to COVID 19 ~ In many peoples minds here in Japan, the debates go on and on and is complete overkill. The politicians do not seem to care because they have jobs and money. People on the street across Japan are saying there isn’t anything new except that more anger has been on display among the citizens of Japan over the politicians slow pace at making fast decisions and debating for months and months about helping the citizens of Japan, while they, [the citizens], continue to suffer on a daily basis. Families suffer. Cities and towns suffer. Entire regions suffer. But, lets' have another debate. We will all just have to wait.

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It's clear the government focused on the size of stimulus this time," said Hiroshi Ugai, chief Japan economist at JPMorgan Securities, who says the two stimulus packages will boost Japan's real GDP this year by 3.2 percentage points.

It is clear, the government focused on inflating the amount of the stimulus when in reality alot of things are included that won't be executed. How much was really spent for the budgeted 200,000 hotel rooms and 50,000 ICUs.

Posted the form for the 100K three weeks ago and nothing in my account yet.got the unwanted miserly mask yesterday will use it to clean my notebook and ipad screens.

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I got the masks, I got the money. The form took 30 seconds to fill.

Are you referring to the small business/freelancer support, or the 100,000¥ payout?

The 100,000¥ payout is easy. The business/freelance is a little cumbersome. But I've heard some have already received both. We are in the process of applying for the 1,000,000yen support.

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Think as far as the money goes it's your city hall, say that in a SouthPark voice. My Shitty hall needs an inordinate amount of time to meet and meet and meet decide after a month or two or three more just how complicated they can make the process. It's a funny thing 20+ people trying to social distance but failing in a complicated series of meetings. All to provide a pittance to people who months ago needed help! But I'm sure my landlord will understand after all the bank will understand there is no help. Luckily I have yet to receive a set of tinny masks so using my elbow dampens down any complaints.

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Still waiting on the form for 100,000 yen and they’re deliberating the second budget? Tic toc

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Another heavy dose for cash junkie Japan Inc. , cold turkey for the populace.

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