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Diet wraps up regular session; Kishida's reelection bid in focus


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 Kishida's reelection bid in focus

so..........weak yen, very low minimum wage, sexual predator issues, earthquake relief and adequate child care services are NOT in focus?

Good job, J-Gov. Keep your priorities in check.

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Amendments to the pacifistConstitution

This is a dead issue. Everyone knows Japan has no authority of her own defense !

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Kishida is a lame duck. Please go on another pointless foreign trip and don't bother coming back. I'd rather have Dr Nakamats as PM. He's a youthful 96 and has a great poster for the Tokyo election.

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the conservative LDP, which has been in power for most of the period since 1955, primarily with the backing of big private businesses.

Never seen it stated so baldly in a Kyodo article but there it is.

The LDP can stay in power, doing nothing of substantive benefit to the majority of Japanese residents, with tiny approval ratings, using the public treasury on wasteful ventures, as long as it has this corporate backing.

That is all that matters. The rest is just window dressing.

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Was Mr.Kishida even in attendance? He seems to prefer going on overseas trips instead of solving domestic issues.

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Otsukaresama, Kishida-san, Your secret plan to make Japan a third-world country again is making progress!

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"tackle Japan's rapidly declining birthrate while trying to raise real wages"

The above makes no sense. If there truly is a shortage of workers, then wages will rise. Increasing the birthrate will result in a downward pressure on wages. Therefore it is no surprise that Kishida's "new capitalism" has amounted to nothing.

If you watch NHK dramas, if only in passing, you cannot help but notice babies showing up again and again. It is almost as if the producers got some LDP memo to market baby making propaganda. Of course most young people don't watch NHK dramas, so the effort is wasted. Young women are busy working low wage jobs or low level corporate positions. They have little prospect of wage equality... but as a consolation prize they can aspire to not change their name when they marry.

Which country pioneered low wage temp jobs which Japan so enthusiastically imitated? Ahhh... it was the USA, the great promoter of gender equality.

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This country is being governed at the behest of LDP and not the people. Clearly there is something wrong with this political system! They have received a mandate of governance from the people. And they have effectively abandoned that mandate by allowing corruption to run rampant within the LDP-party.

Please dissolve the Lower House and call a snap election so we can get some real change done!

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