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EU parliament approves huge free trade deal with Japan

By Clément ZAMPA

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Good news!

The deal was confirmed even as British Prime Minister Theresa May defended her faltering attempt to negotiate Britain's orderly departure from the European Union before a boisterous House of Commons.

I had UK Parliament tv on yesterday and the deal was actually announced after PMQs had finished. It was before May's own party held a vote of no confidence in her, however. She won and is still in power, just about.

Europe has spent the last fifteen years convinced that diesels were superior eco-cars to hybrids. The emissions scandals have proved this to be clearly false. This is a good opportunity for Japan's car manufacturers. Cheaper food in Japan will also be welcome, of course.

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Great news for Japan. Looking at the numbers you would imagine the lion share of benefit will be for Japan Inc, although no doubt Europeans will also benefit.

Also just another way to bring Japan and the West closer together which is always a plus.

The next thing I would like to see is how Japan and Europe can work together to create a consumer electronics industry and supply chain in the West and Japan. Also considering implications for South Korea & India.

Perhaps looking at what Samsung has done in Vietnam as one example.

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Ah yes, where would we be without the EU regulating trade for us?

Behind the all EU countries are the European businesses that push, prevent and control legislation rubber stamped by the MEPs.

Free trade?


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With Abe and Aso, we will be cheated.

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Japan has been tricked. The EU claimed that the UK was part of the deal, but of course it won't be after March 2019. So Japan will lose access to the UK market, the second largest in the EU.

Japan should be asking for a renegotiation to make the deal fairer.

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