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Environment minister apologizes for interruption of Minamata victims' remarks


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Well LDP'S End Time Commeth

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While the government's relief steps have been enforced, legal battles continue for unrecognized sufferers left out of the measures.

The collusion between the Japanese courts, the LDP, and Japan Inc., in this case Chisso in minimizing the damage to corporate interests and trying to marginalize Minamata victims is a textbook case of how the combine works for only the former vested interests.

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Purple prose’ and “as false as Majorcan pearls”… What an absolute scoundrels!

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*What absolute scoundrels!

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JCA - *’Purple prose’

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Damn disgraceful

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And his initial public reaction was one of denial to the effect - "I didn't know the mikes had been muted".

No, he just thought they stopped talking mid-sentence.

How many more days, weeks, months, years, decades can this ineptness et al continue.

When will the public say enough is enough?


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Such rude behaviour disrespecting victims symbolizes rampancy of present LDP politics disregarding historical lessons or health and the lives of people.

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We understand that Japan is stepped in history and traditions, and they are world renowned for curiosity and manners, this guy is one of the exceptions, how da## rude and disrespectful can you get?

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Wonder how many people know that the president of Chisso Corp (1964-1971) was Yutaka Egashira, the maternal grandfather of Empress Masako. And when it started coming out that people had been poisoned by mercury, he utilized the services of the yakuza to threaten and silence them!

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a ministry official switched off the microphones of two participants 

They just think, no microphone same as no voice. They never heard about social media!

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""I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. I am truly sorry,"

Sure you are, buddy. Sure.

"Ito, during his apology, expressed a desire to review the time limit policy, given that "it is difficult to understand the situation within three minutes.""

Something I am quite sure you will remember the next time an election rolls around and your driving about in a car screaming for hours -- not three minutes -- on end, or doing stump speeches for 30 mins or so.

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You cannot allow in a meeting that people speak and speak and find no end, however I have to say that three minutes are indeed too short.

The time allowed to speak should be somehow longer, they are old people, they need some compassion and consideration.

I don't know how long, but maybe 6 or 7 minutes, and after 5 minutes show them a message while they are speaking, that their time is almost over.

They should also be informed in advance that after the time is over, the microphone will be disconnect and the next speaker will take over.

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The disease, which is traced to mercury-tainted water dumped into the sea by a Chisso Corp. chemical plant in Minamata, was formally acknowledged by local health authorities in 1956.

I find it astounding that after all this time and clear evidence that this is still a thing. It was discovered 68 years ago and yet there is still no resolution.

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We understand that Japan is stepped in history and traditions, and they are world renowned for curiosity and manners,

Been drinking the kool-aid much? Japan has history and traditions, yes, but dont be fooled by the image the government and media would like to portray. There are plenty of idiots and rude folks here, want proof, drive in rush hour traffic once.

this guy is one of the exceptions, how da## rude and disrespectful can you get?

"this guy"? Which one are you referring to? It isnt the minister who did it. And it's not an exception,

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Unfortunately, Japanese politics that prioritizes corporations' profit than health and the lives of citizen as same as Minamata disease is still repeated such as un-medical downgrading Covid19 by politics and business circles' conveniences or restart of superannuated nuclear plants without practicable evacuation plans.

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