Finance ministers from Japan, China to meet on Aug 31


Finance ministers and officials from Japan and China are to meet in Beijing on Aug 31, a Japanese official said Friday, a sign of improving ties amid Sino-U.S. trade tensions.

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso and Chinese counterpart Liu Kun are expected to discuss financial cooperation, including reviving a dormant currency swap arrangement.

Japan and China have begun discussing a resumption of the arrangement, which mean a swap worth about 3 trillion yen ($27.15 billion), far bigger than the previous $3 billion line.

Aso, who also serves as deputy prime minister, may meet separately with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, who is in charge of trade talks with Washington, Kyodo news agency reported.

That suggests the two sides may discuss trade tensions with the United States, and how trade protectionism threatens global economic growth, a shared concern among G20 economic powers.

The meeting comes after U.S. and Chinese officials ended two days of talks on Thursday, with no major breakthrough, as their trade war escalated with activation of another round of dueling tariffs on $16 billion worth of each country's goods.

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No doubt, Aso, Kun and He will discuss how to keep their cunning trade practices going, creating year after year America's large trade deficit, while at the same time refusing the U. S. a one on one bilateral free trade. agreement. They will plan on how to keep their cake and eat it too.

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creating year after year America's large trade deficit

Making America richer and richer every year.

You aren't so silly as to think that a trade deficit means one is losing in a trade agreement are you?

It's fair enough for people to not understand trade, as it's very difficult. But when people are too stupid to listen to the experts and repeat garbage that is plainly wrong to anyone who actually understands trade, they juts look... stupid.

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If Japan really wants to grow at 4% GDP, just merge with China economically.

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When it comes to free trade, I am not afraid to identify mysel and Country.

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